Consumption or Creation: Where’s the future????

Consumption or Creation: Where’s the future?

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Instagram, Photo Bucket, Shozu, Pixelpipe, Qik, Image Exchange, HDR, flickr …….

Of late, we have seen a lot of surge in services like these. They are all media Sharing services and all of them are going to do brisk business.

The world is moving online and Sharing is THE word now. Social Media is evolving at a rate which is mind boggling. Companies are realising the worth of Social Media and you’ll see lot of them keeping aside a sizable chunk of their marketing budget for internet marketing.

But as big as the media consumption is today, the future belongs to media creation and Sharing.

People are increasingly becoming aware of what they can do with a powerful mobile device. There are two sets of Smartphone users. The power users (bloggers/enthusiasts) and the consumers. Take the case of consumers, who actually earlier used to connect with their families, friends living away through emails and chats.


Now you have services, like the ones mentioned above, and phones, powerful enough, (to change Governments! Ok, that was a metaphor, don’t even think of trying to do something like that :P) to carry out them.

They say, a picture is worth a thousand words. (Don’t believe me, check out the flickr sets of Mark Guim, 3DMG, Clinton Jeff, Myrium and the likes). Imagine the situation of a nuclear family. The father of a young girl celebrating her birthday. Things go great. He wishes to tell HIS parents living far, how was the birthday party of their grand daughter.

What would he have done earlier? Taken photos from a digital/analog camera, transferred them to the PC, wrote a mail with one cropped image due to attachment limits and that’s it.

Now what he could have done? He could have qik’ed the entire birthday party, could take tons of pic and uploaded all through the inbuilt Sharing option to flickr or wherever.

This sounds so easy but mind you, it’s a quantum jump for a normob! And this is where the future lies for the Smartphones. Not in checking mails, not in playing games.

People are now Putting emphasis on having a good camera on the Smartphone they buy and for consumers, especially in India, where millions of families stay separated due to work or studies or whatever, content creation and Sharing is the way forward.

Nokia always have had the media creation part under the grips! Nokia N8 is a shining example of what you can create with a mobile. The problem lies in the Sharing part. Not much apps, not much simplicity for the average Joe to share something immediately that he would have created.

It’s a catch up game for every manufacturer! Nokia is Doing well to move to QT and impending Meego whereas phones which are good in software are ramping up the hardware aspects!

So what are you? A consumer or a creator?


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