Qik – My life sorted!

You all would have read a thousand reviews on Qik and would have seen some awesome videos shared through this service.

I am not going to bore you with another one! (Remember? My blog is all about my musings)

I belong to Bihar and my parents still live there. Mine is a very small family primarily revolving around 5-6 immediate members. We live in different cities but are still closely connected.

Before I start this, I will give you a little history behind my digging Qik so much.

I did my Masters in Management from an Institute located 280 Kms away from Bangalore. My father was still in service then and due to work related issues, he could not make it to my convocation ceremony. My mom had come. All he had then was a video shot by my mom of my receiving my degree.

When we talked in the afternoon after the ceremony, his voice was choked. Contrary to the popular rule of Girls being closer to Dads and Boys being closer to Moms, I have always felt myself a little bit closer to my Dad, always. Only a little bit more though 😉

He felt sorry though I could fully understand his reasons for not coming.

He watched that video and I could see the pride in his eyes. It all happened LATER and that’s why exactly I am writing this post.

It has always been about the moment. The joy of watching a ceremony live (even when shot with a slightly average camera phone) is always going to trump a 720p video shot on the best of cameras.

If I had Qik then.

My daughter was born at her mother’s place. My parents could come only after 6 days.

If I had Qik then.

Think about it. Just how personal it is? That’s why, I have given it a title of My life sorted. Just how relevant it is to an individual like me whose family is geographically living apart.

Now I Qik my daughter’s birthday. I Qik’ed my recently re-painted house to my Dad to take his approval on the colours! I Qik my daughter’s random activities just like that. My parents are not in a position to live with us as yet but I know how much my daughter’s Qik videos mean to them.

I have purchased the Premium version. The best part is, all the videos that I share with my parents, my sister can be downloaded by them there, saved and simultaneously by me as well.

I have Qik now.

Happy New Year in advance dear readers!!! 🙂 Thank you for all the love you have shown to this baby site till now!


About Ashutosh

A family guy who loves phones, music, movies, tea, sweats and gizmos :)
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11 Responses to Connected!!

  1. Siraj says:

    Just a big Kudos to Qik for making you so connected to your parents. Never thought a software mean this much 🙂 before i use Gravity and Qik 🙂 .. They make us connected to every extent…… ❤

  2. Shivaram Krishnan says:

    Hey this is more than a review, something more emotional one. Nice one .

  3. Nitish Kumar says:

    Touching one.
    You are on a great start AK. Keep it up.

  4. Sachin says:

    The reason where tech can always help us being closer to someone we cant live without!

    I fully understand how we could have used the experience to bring more smiles. Nevertheless, Its our moment !


  5. phonesnmore says:

    Right Sachin! Tech is there to help us. It’s up to us how judiciously, we use it! 🙂

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