Legacy Software or Mighty Opportunity??

Old stable S60!

S60 has been the operating system which brought *smartness* into Nokia phones. It has lived its life as Nokia is focusing more on touchscreens or hybrids with S^3 (do they still use this li’l French hat??)

I use this OS through my phone E72. The OS has been stable for me and never really given any *OS* related bug. I often crib about less RAM available to play, email service is compromised and some more but come on, it has never really been the OS’s problem.

This premise for this blog post was a simple want in me. My phone and a lot of other S60 phones have got some really good 5MP cameras mounted on them. Don’t forget, the legendary N82 and highly impressive N86 run on S60.

I use my phone to snap family pictures. My pictures mainly consist of my family, the activities and all. Hardly the leaves, trees, sky. The quality is not astounding and nothing that National Geographic would be proud of [;-)] but decent enough memories for me to preserve.

There is no elaborate Flickr app available to S60 which surprises me! How many S60 users would be there? Millions? In India itself!! Now if you come out with a simple C++ natively written Flickr app and price it at $2, promote it, what would be your ROI??

The world is moving towards touch and there’s no denying the fact that, that’s where the future lies. Nokia, abandoning S60 and focusing on Symbian is absolutely logical.

But this is for the Developers. Why can’t they see the opportunity that the existing user base of S60 is? There are millions of S60 still sold even today. No one knows what will happen to your app when the world moves to touch but the present is there for your taking.

I wonder if Jan Ole Suhr of Mobileways can tell us, where is the majority of Gravity sales money coming from??

People buying S60 devices are buying them because they want those devices and not because they are paupers and can’t afford high spec’ed touchphones. They have the money for the app.

Give them a decent app and you’ll not regret investing time, efforts and ideas in S60.

The future belongs to touch (though it’s cyclic and don’t forget, very soon, non touch t9 gonna be in vogue) but the present is S60.


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3 Responses to Legacy Software or Mighty Opportunity??

  1. suyog says:

    @Ak , so finally wrote this post ! I guess Developers are missing huge opportunity by being lazy here. Though many people bash S60v3, it still is has huge share in world.
    Even if we take very conservative approach , at least 5-10% of people having S60v3 will buy apps. Gravity has proved it. If your app is good , it will sell well.

  2. This is a real shame for all of us S60 3rd Edition users. The focus nowadays with apps is all about making a huge amount of money, but somehow they forget about the worlds largest installed user base smart phone OS, S60 3rd.

    I’m confused.

    I always check the Ovi Store for new content, and am always disappointed that there isn’t anything! 😦

    • phonesnmore says:

      Shame’s not on us Steve and that’s the sad part. We are using one of the most stable OSes currently in the world. Every OS has some bug which has become fashionable to discuss on twitter. S60, apart from being, a little sore on eyes has really beenstable for me and I still see a huge future, atleast 2 years of active usage of this OS in India atleast. It’s a great OS for devs to develop apps and get rich. Beats me, why can’t anyone see through it. shame is actually on Nokia for not marketing it well… sigh!

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