Emails are Me!!

Emails in Phones!

We are seeing a deluge of new smartphones every month. CES showed some fantastic smartphones and MWC is going to show some more.
All of these are megaphones. Huge screens, super crystal displays (give whatever fancy name you have for this, Super AMOLED, Retina, CBD…), capacitive screens, dual core and what not.
But NOT everyone needs that. NOT everyone will have that. The features are getting endless and choosing a smartphone is not as simple as it used to be.
Social Media is the name of the game and everyone in my timeline on Twitter discusses the applications available for Twitter, Facebook, Qik, Quora (?) etc. Everyone talks about the *rooting*/*hacking* and maximizing the phone’s potential.
All is good. All is well.
I am an email guy. Emails are me. My main method of interaction with friends, family is still email. (I know this is old book but hey, I have at least graduated from letters:)). And I am not even talking about the work mails.
My dad finds it easier to mail, my brother in law is on mails, my sister has gotten used to it and my wife has started using the native GMAIL java app.
There are many advantages for us this way. You come online, do the mailing and you are off. You can do a reply all or to all. Mind it, these are very very basic things I am talking about but I am just illustrating a situation in a normal non geek Indian household.
Facebook is still too open for comfort and I still don’t see it cozy enough for family. So keeping in touch with a highly tech family is still done through voice, texts and emails.
After all, emails are much cheaper than texts and voice and will surely be the step up the internet value chain for a savvy Indian family. I can see, a wife asking her husband, what to cook for dinner on mail rather than call. Ha ha! Sounds idiotic but this is exactly what’s going to happen and interestingly, I can tell you both of them with have facebook accounts!
This is the age of Internet revolution in India. Most of people are buying phones with opera mini pre installed. I was talking to Aditya (@adkshirsagar on twitter) and he gave me an interesting figure. India has got 20% internet users. Bulk of those are formed by these bottom of the pyramid phones which give opera mini. The first interaction for everyone happens through email! There you go!
Emails are me and Emails are the majority of internet on phone beginners in India.
You know, why I am writing this? Just to reiterate, the growth in data usage on phone is not going to come from dual core 4.3” super monsters but affordable QWERTYs! Phones like E5, C5, and E72 from

Nokia and their poor cousins from the Indian companies are going to stay and are going to rule the Indian Market for a long time to come.
In short, phones with QWERTY, decent cam and gigantic battery are going to usher Internet revolution on phones in India. Once again, this is what I feel. This is not supported by data because this is not a research paper and as the blog says, these are my musings 🙂


About Ashutosh

A family guy who loves phones, music, movies, tea, sweats and gizmos :)
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7 Responses to Emails are Me!!

  1. Nikhil Pai says:

    Dear Sir,

    Subject: Your Nokia E72 related posts

    I have noted your point that you like your Nokia E72 a lot & won’t move on to any other phone soon. I take your word on that & do not ask for any more justifications for the same. 😛 😛

    Looking forward to read some non E72 posts from you 🙂

    Thanking you,

    With Regards,

    Your faithfully,

    P.S I hope you like the email style for comments 😛

    • phonesnmore says:

      Dear Sir,

      (Sub: Thank you)

      Thank you for going through the post and giving your views. Keep on giving suggestions.

      Thanking you in kind anticipation.

      Ashutosh Tiwary


      • Ashutosh says:

        You perhaps got it the other way Sajin but I guess, I was not very explicit in my post about this. I always meant that data consumption through emails are supposed to be less and that’s exactly the hook you need for this class. They are moving up from Voice and Text and in the monthly run, the emails are supposed to prove to be cheaper than those. Hogging data and adding little value to communication? These *monster phones* might just drive them away to 1100 😉

  2. adrian13th says:

    e72 rocks! 😀

  3. Sajin Seethi says:

    You are right email is very good for communication. And its easy to use. About the data consumption, im not pretty sure if E5 or E72 can surpass the monster(as u call it ;)) phones. Coz high end phones drink a lot of data. And yh data consumed one of them for browsing web or email could be more than what one or two e72 does 😉

    anyway, reading your article is always a breeze. Keep going 😉

  4. jairajp says:

    AK, you are right in saying that emails will continue to be in vogue and remain mainstream for more time to come. But it’s stretching a bit too far in saying other newer ways of data communications are less relevant. As more and more convergence kicks in you will find these demarcations becoming blur

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