SPB Wallet – A Happy Customer :)

SPB Wallet : A Happy Consumer

If you are like me, you would be a working professional pumping in 12 hours a day at work, not because you love it, because you are *required* to do it. Also, you would be living in a different city away from your parents with your wife and kid. Basically, you would be a working professional living in a nuclear family managing your household stuff yourself.

I pay my mobile bills online. Broadband dongle, Property tax, Electricity Bills, EMIs and practically everything, that can be done online is done online. Simply because, I don’t have time!

Similarly, I live a comparatively active social life. I am on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Foursquare among others. I have an Ovi account (eeesh, I use a Nokia…… still!).

And then there are Netbanking and stuff.


It sometimes becomes impossible for me to remember all my usernames and passwords. Especially for Electricity bills or other bills which I probably need to login once a month.

I needed a strong wallet application. Something which would remain with me beyond my E72!

I am a happy Quickoffice customer. Been using Quickoffice 6 since long, recently purchased Quickoffice expense and both have never ceased to amaze me with their *simply works* ease. So naturally, I went to the site for the Wallet application as well. I saw SPB Wallet in their app store at 50% discount. SPB are a fantastic bunch of people. Consumers using Nokia’s touchphones would have found it very hard to resist their SPB Mobile Shell App. I bought that at $14.95.

I have been using that app for the past three 3 days and absolutely digging it. Everything at your fingertips.



When you download the application from the link provided in the mail the comes to you after the purchase, it goes into your applications/My Stuff folder. When you click, it will ask for a password. You can feed in a password through the phone qwerty or the app’s qwerty. My suggestion is to keep it real strong.


Once you feed in the password, you are taken to the main screen. Here you start putting in your usernames and passwords corresponding to the headings. It makes life real simple.


For example, all my emails and social media and utility bills usernames and passwords are saved in Computers. It becomes easier for me to organize it that way.


Then I can have my cards sorted out under credit cards and Personal can have my Driving Licence etc details.


The best thing that it provides is data synchronization and Web browser integration. It keeps the data synced and if God forbid, you lose your phone, your data still remains with you. Even in the web, if you want to access the data, you need to feed in that password. Sorry, I cannot provide those sceenshots as they are synced with my personal laptop and my official laptop, ah well, that’s another story! 😉 My recommendation is to keep that password ultra strong. Please keep on logging into the app again and again to memorize but DO NOT write that anywhere. J

There are many wallet applications available. You have Smartphoneware’s Best Safe, Epocware’s Handy Safe pro and Quickoffice’s QuickID also.

Do you use any wallet application? Do let me know if you use SPB Wallet and if you think, I have missed out on any point, do let me know. 🙂


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20 Responses to SPB Wallet – A Happy Customer :)

  1. Nitish Kumar says:

    Though I am not that kind of managed person and love to keep the mess around but may be such posts will inspire me to be a little more managed.

    • Ashutosh says:

      Now you are married and now the responsibilities will be increasing. It’s good to have a wallet application. More so, if you have 2 or more bank accounts and debit and credit cards. But then, yes, it’s all about the current need and preferences!

      Thanks for reading!! 🙂

      Ashutosh Tiwary

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  2. Arjun Parsi says:

    Does this app has any option to take backup?

    • Ashutosh says:

      Hi Arjun. It will have your data synced with your PC. Am not too sure what back up you are enquiring about. All your data in the app will be there on the computer. If you are asking about phone data (total phone data and not just the app’s data), I am afraid, it won’t be able to do that!

      Ashutosh Tiwary

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      • Arjun Parsi says:

        I use a E71 and when I get an firmware update, What Should I do to restore all the wallet data

      • Ashutosh says:

        When you take the back up of the data before the FW update, this also gets backed up! However if you want to install fresh, all you have to go, just sync the data with your outlook or web integration. It’s always there!

        Ashutosh Tiwary

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      • Arjun Parsi says:

        Does the wallet data sync with outlook and SPB Online wallet?

      • Ashutosh says:

        Yes! It does!

        Ashutosh Tiwary

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  3. suyog says:

    Ak, did you try handy safe before? and $15 include desktop client as well? can we have more than 1 desktops/laptops?

    • Ashutosh says:

      No, I did not try Handy Safe! I also can’t confirm whether it syncs on multiple PCs or not. But it has web integration. I will study that more tomorrow and whether it is PC independent or not. There’s no seperate online client I have bought. I also need to confirm that tomorrow to you 🙂

      Ashutosh Tiwary

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    • Arjun Parsi says:

      Yeah I prefer handy safe, As it has a separate desktop client. Where you can enter the details in the desktop client and then sync with the mobile.

      • Ashutosh says:

        I will update my comments tomorrow as early as possible!

        Ashutosh Tiwary

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      • Suyog says:

        Arjun, I was thinking of getting such app and choice was between SBP wallet and Handy safe pro.I asked AK , some questions also.
        Then , I saw Handy Safe Pro on Ovi Store for AED 5, Rs. 62 may be. So i thought to give it try. I knew that I am getting phone only app. But I assumed (mistake ) that it has web sync support. i found that It doesnt have it. I would rather prefer web sync over just pc sync, actually having both will be great.
        But thats reason , I am now thinking of getting SPB Wallet. I dont see any other major differences. You can check another option here called Safewallet by SBSH, thats $6 with PC app Vs Handy Safe pro which is just mobile app and desktop you need to purchase separately. check these links.
        This guy has done good comparison.But misses huge advantage of SPB wallet thats web sync.
        and you can see Safewallet here.

        Somehow I am not sure if SPB wallet S60v5 will work on my N8. Still searching on…

  4. Abhinav says:

    Good review, looks like I also need one but from Apple store 🙂

  5. suyog says:

    Update :-
    I am using 15 day trial of SPB Wallet and it works well on N8 , so should be no issue with other S^3 phones. PC and phone sync works well. It has very good options so many templates and toolbars for IE and Firefox.
    Only think which hasnt worked for me is Gmail sync. But I guess I am missing some step there. Overall very good app, must have in age of tonnes of usernames/pwd/cards

  6. suyog says:

    Yes. With your post I kind of got idea how useful this or such app can be in life.I will use trial for few more days and then get it.

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