Hi Readers! (I hope some are still around even after this long hiatus :)).

Yeah, it’s been long since I connected with you all, more so, with my blog itself. Past two months have been pretty hectic professionally and personally. Still not resolved but yes, I made a resolve to write something.

So what do we discuss?

Ok, on the gadget front, I acquired a wifi Kindle!!! Yay!! (I will share more about my experiences with that in some other post.) I have been without my E72 for past 7 days now and it will not be with me for next two days also so that’s kind of has shut me off my online social life. Using a back up 5130 c Nokia XpressMusic. Pretty neat phone if you ask me. Gets me online through Opera Mini if I really want to but that’s an option best avoided. It’s not that smooth.

Another thing is, I have not used Twitter and Facebook for the past four days now and will not use them till I get my E72 (rather my Gravity) back. It’s a different experience. I got the withdrawal symptoms initially when I used to enter that time zone where I used to tweet a lot and all. Two days after, I was ok! 🙂 This has been kind of a digital detoxification for me. The only thing digital in my day to day activity is my eBook on Kindle which I purchased recently. That too, is read offline!

There are times when I miss #twz (it’s a madcap group of twitter friends) but then over all it has been good. I have been able to reflect on my work, family. There has been travel also. I went to Panchghani with family. Awesome place! If you are in Pune or Mumbai, you should visit this place. Not that typical crowd of Lonavala and Khandala. Very serene and very calm.

This post was more of an update on what’s happening in my side of the world and second to see, if my blog has been banned for inactivity 😉 lol!! Seriously though, I intend to resume blogging on a much serious note very soon. Some things are to be sorted which I hope will be sorted soon. Till then, keep rocking you awesome folks!


(P:S – This post will get automatically tweeted to Twitter but I am not using that as of now. So if I am not able to respond to you there, please excuse me. Though I will be available here :))


About Ashutosh

A family guy who loves phones, music, movies, tea, sweats and gizmos :)
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7 Responses to Heya!

  1. Jagan says:

    A forced digital detoxification is good, I think you’ll realize just how much the gadgets suck you in at the expense of other activities. I too have been mulling a gadget-free weekend for a while now, not been successful.

  2. Krishna says:

    Interesting. I was wondering how you’d contain your rambunctiousness. The resilience of the mind never ceases to amaze me! :p glad to see you active here.

    • Ashutosh says:

      ha ha. Had some time in hand and my blog is not blocked 😉 Just thought of some “rambunc……..” Sowwie for the late reply. you know the reason!

  3. Get your Ass back on Twitter Lol

    • Ashutosh says:

      Hi Mark!!!! So nice to have your comment. tells me you took out 5 minutes to go through it! ok 2 minutes! lol!!! I am dying to but my phone is still at shop. Most probably by tomorrow I should be online there 🙂 Once again, so nice to have you here. Say hi to the group 🙂

  4. jairajp says:

    Heya! Should I repeat? …. “Dare to think beyond E72” … at least as far as Twitter is concerned. ,,:) Enjoy your experience!

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