Social Media and spurt in services, lately!

Social Media and Spurt in services latey!

Ofcourse, the catalyst for this post is Google Plus!

I was offline for the better part of last few days of June and when I came online, I heard and read about Google Plus. I had an Invite in my GMail from Arjun Parsi (@arjunpar on twitter). How nice of him to drop me an Invite even without my knowing about it, leave alone asking!

I tried signing in using that Invite but apparently, the Google Plus servers are already running at over capacity. I could not and I am still outside that world!

This post is not about how awesome or how crap is Google Plus! Holy Molly, I have no right to comment on that without using that. This is more to reflect on online lives and just how much of Social Media can you accommodate in your lives!

You have Facebook where you typically connect with people you know personally, you have Twitter where you follow, share thoughts with like minded people, people you may or may not have met personally, then you have LinkedIn where you are connected to people from professional world.

All are established. All have their values worth in billions basis the valuation VCs are doing for having a share of their stakes. So where does Google Plus fit in?

Google Plus will stay and stay for long even without judging the merits or demerits of the product. Simply because, it’s from Google. Google has the reach, the brand name and the financial muscle to shove it in. It will also have, or will gain, over a period of time, integration with other Google services. Now the last line is my assumption. I do feel if Google has to give Plus an edge, it would be integrating the services.

So coming to the point, where will Google Plus fit into your lives? To survive, it will have to kill one or two of the services. Isn’t it? Facebook’s ascendency was coupled with death of MySpace and Orkut.

MySpace is a classic example of VCs valuations and extrapolations as Mk (@m_krishna on twitter) likes to put it. Newscorp had scooped it for $580 million then and it was considered such a huge win! Last week, they sold it off for $35 million and am sure, Rupert Mudorch would consider that a huge win as well! πŸ™‚

So, did MySpace and Orkut failed just because a new service was on the anvil? No, they failed because they could not engage the users in the way Facebook engages. Am not talking about geeks. I am talking about the 95% + community of 700 million + users spread across hundreds of countries. It lets you pass time. That’s a big thing!

In my twitter feed, I see people saying that Google Plus may soon put a death knell in Facebook. I am not saying it’s not possible. All I am saying is, it’s very very highly improbable for the time being. For Google to reach that critical mass, for Google to get that acceptability, it’s a long way to go. More so, if I see the trends through my Twitter feed and Facebook newsfeed, most of my Twitter friends are aware about Plus and just one of my Facebook friend is aware about Plus.

To me, Plus sounds more of a threat to twitter than to Facebook! Lol!!! Well, that’s just me. As far as I am concerned, I am not too comfortable with everything Google in my life. For that matter, I would not be too comfortable putting all my eggs in one basket. And honestly, I do not see the space for it until and unless I make do with either Facebook or Twitter. Well, I am just not ready for that as yet!! πŸ™‚

What about you? You all have Facebook and Twitter accounts? Where do you see Google Plus fitting in your online world?

A little note : This post is solely written on mobile and emailed to post on my wordpress. My laptop has just got formatted and not yet ready! That connectify was such a bitch!! So this post may not be eye candy and please avoid the non formatted format of posting! πŸ™‚

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8 Responses to Social Media and spurt in services, lately!

  1. Nicely put words bro. I too have created a login for google + but cant see fitting in my social life in short term. Most of my friends and colleagues are on facebook or twitter and making all of them sign up for this is a long task. And many whom I told or asked to join Google didnt even gave a damn, I am talking about 700+ million normal users here. They said they are happy with facebook and dont think another service fitting in their life.

    • Ashutosh says:

      hey, thank you for your time to go through thr article Pankaj. It’s a long shot, a long haul. First of all, the question is just how many of social media services do we need? Second, it’s still beta. What’s annoying is, people pronouncing its success and writing death warrants for others! Lol!!!!

  2. Jagannath says:

    Nice post AK. I think G and Facebook will co-exist, Facebook will be for the mainstream junta while G will be for the more technology aware. There are some cool features there like Hangout, which facebook may find difficult to replicate and may attract a number of users. One ace that G has up its sleeve is the integration with android, wonder how that will change things.

    • Ashutosh says:

      Thanks Jagan. Integration with Android. Yes, ofcourse! That sounds scary to me! You log on to Internet through Google! Lol!!! Jokes apart, I know Google Plus will stay around. This is Larry Page’s first major release but I really do not see any X factor to pull away users from FB. Co existence is again a long shot in the long term. Consolidation is bound to happen. Let’s see. It’s still in Beta! My point was, why do we need another one? Lol!

  3. mobileyog says:

    Just when I was thinking why someone is not writing about all this Google+ thing, and I am surprised to see that coming from you. Good topic coming from break !
    Mr. Arjun sent me invite as well.
    I also tried Google+ as I do try every other service but this I time I just wasnt at all excited because of previous experience with Google Wave, Buzz and Lively. Geeks said that they are going to be big. But as matter of fact which you have noted, It’s always majority users who make or break , not geeks. I am very skeptical about chances of Google+ because it’s proven that people like like anything just because it’s from Google. Also I find too intrusive and vague about how others see my data. May be I dont like too much integration πŸ™‚

    As one very good point you made is , right now only Geeks are talking about it, thats fair as this is just kind of Beta. I will be interested how Google takes it to users, Buzz failed because people didnt like mixing email with Social Networking.
    We will see what happens in future, but most likely Google+ is not going to kill anything except itself. πŸ™‚

    • Ashutosh says:

      Ha ha. Why were you surprised to see this coming from me?? πŸ˜‰ I don’t know. I just feel, there’s just too much of social media. More than ease and convenience for us, they are becoming business models for companies and everything driven by ROCE.

      There’s only a limit to which i can devote my time online and I am doing that through facebook, twitter and email. enough for me! πŸ™‚

  4. mobileyog says:

    I meant someone who doesn’t write frequently, and pleasantly surprised πŸ™‚

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