Ovi Store Paid Apps???

While you would have read much on this on many other forums by many distinguished writers, this comes from a disgruntled user.

I still use only one phone and it is a Nokia. Also, since my phone is not a Symbian^3 phone, rather, a S60V3 phone, the choices of apps already narrow down to dismal numbers.

I am talking about non-availability of Paid Content in Ovi Store in India to users other than Reliance.

I don’t know if they have entered into some sort of exclusivity deal with Reliance Communications or they are simply ignorant of the potential of sale/business but it is absolutely not justifiable to bar us from purchasing apps for Ovi Store. It amounts to breach of trust, breach of consumer agreement.

Not giving that option for more than 6 months is disastrous. We, in India, are quite tolerant. I wonder if this sort of treatment in US, had Nokia been a majority player there, would have attracted some sort of a suit in court?

I do not need many apps but there are certain apps which are important for my work. Docscanner for example, an app which lets you convert your pictures in PDFs. This is so important for a working professional like me. Sadly, the developer gives you only one option to buy and that is from Ovi Store and Nokia’s utter contempt and disregard for paid apps availability in India makes it virtually impossible for me to buy that app!

That was just an individual/isolated example but am sure there would be atleast hundreds of thousands of users on other than reliance network, who would have earmarked atleast one or two paid apps to buy.

To suspend a service and to not inform customers about it, is nonsense. Nokia, you should have given a quarter page ad on the front page of Times of India explaining the reasons and expected date of availability. Sadly, either you are not bothered or it doesn’t concern you at all.

I don’t know what are Nokia’s plans for India or the existing user community. What I know is, it’s not the devices which will get you sales, it’s the service you provide which will get you repeat customers.

I use Nokia E72. A phone so good for me that it still remains my only phone. Had device excellence been the only criterion to make a repeat purchase, I would have committed myself to Nokia for life. But their pathetic customer service, non responsiveness ruins it all. Even if they come out with the latest and greatest now on Windows Phone or Meego or whatever, it will be very unlikely that Nokia will be my next phone.

A sad, annoyed user.


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A family guy who loves phones, music, movies, tea, sweats and gizmos :)
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14 Responses to Ovi Store Paid Apps???

  1. Stephen says:

    It’s not that simple, actually. And Nokia isn’t the only responsible party here. Nokia needs to partner with operators to provide paid apps. If Reliance insists on exclusivity, then Nokia has no other choice.

    • Ashutosh says:

      Hey Stephen, thank you so much for going through the post and putting your comments. My point is, the users are in dark. We pay in thousands of rupees to buy a phone. We have the right to know if one of the advertised services is available or not.
      You are also making an assumption here. All I am saying is, they could have circulated some sort of communication? A mass mailer, print advert? Telling us what is up with Ovi Store. You know, Nokia care or dealers have no clue when will it be up.

    • sajinseethi says:

      To provide pay credit card as a payment method, Nokia need not go through all this. I buy apps everyday from App store(Apple) with no issues. But not from Ovi. Coz I just can’t. Nokia is to blame.

      In a country with 10-15 telecom operators, signing a exclusive deal with operator is stupid. They should find alternative. It’s just Nokia who has this issue. All others are doing it fine.

      • Ashutosh says:

        Entering into exclusivity with one was utter rubbish, of that’s the case why we are not having the apps. Tie up with a Vodafone or an Airtel would have made more sense because Reliance’s vast majority of subscriber base comes from CDMA and I wonder if Nokia has even one high end CDMA base. So it’s mainly Reliance GSM. What’s the base, who’s this exclusivity for is beyond my comprehension!

        Thanks for going through the post Sajin. πŸ™‚

  2. sajinseethi says:

    6 months of no paid apps is such a shame. Even the word shame would be an under statement in my opinion. Nokia being a market leader in India has ignored this very easily. Users deserve the right to purchase apps from store. and I wouldn’t blame any user if he went for cracked apps. Nokia is forcing them to that path.

    I think Nokia should at least have a solution something like download any 3 or 5 apps for free from Ovi store which Nokia would pay. Something like a gift or something. Coz a brand new phone with no external apps is not that useable. Or let’s say its incomplete.

    Until this problem is solved, Nokia can continue to expect low sales and most of all less trust.

  3. Here is the reply which I got when I contacted the OVI Store support in two communications:

    “We would like to inform you that only Reliance GSM customer would be able to download paid application from OVI Store. How ever if you want to download any application kindly visit http://www.ovistore.com.”

    “We would like to inform you that consumers in India had to purchase paid applications from the OVI Store using international credit cards. Nokia is working towards enabling local billing, including via credit card and operator billing. We will announce more when these initiatives go live and in the meantime we invite you to enjoy the free content that continues to be available from the OVI Store.”

    • Ashutosh says:

      Thank you Vinod for going through the article and putting your comments. Nokia should make a public announcement on it through any medium they deem fit. And 6 months and still working??? What was wrong with International card billing? We don’t know anything.

      Thanks again for the visit!

      • Yesterday I got a surprise call from OVI Store support or Nokia Care. The person who talk to me in a very polite and friendly way. The reason for the call was my reply with the link to this blog entry πŸ˜‰

        Any way the support person has assured me that there will be solution to this issue very shortly. Now let’s just wait and see in a couple of weeks (or months!!).

      • Ashutosh says:

        Awesome! Atleast they reacted to one post and one reader’s comment! Let’s hope their soon is literal soon! πŸ™‚

  4. mobileyog says:

    I hope someone like Mr. Elop should read this because he talks a lot about swiftness and all.
    Nokia India has mega failure here. Of system, the way they carry out work. I am just unable to understand how this can happen with company which always say proudly “Most trusted brand” for last 3 years, so on.
    And horrible issue is not just availability of paid apps to everyone but to users who had bought apps earlier. I heard that they cant even re-download again.
    Overall from whatever I have seen Nokia just can not do services right. Ngage, Ovi files, Ovi Share ,Migration of Nokia Music to Ovi Music, Migration of Ovi email to powered by Yahoo.

    So many examples of failures.

    It will surely damage Nokia in present and future, no doubt about it.

  5. ashok pai says:

    Nokia’s gotta be kidding when they are talking about a burning platform. what’s burning mr. elop ? I bet there’s a fire under him that he himself lit, by saying symbian is going to close. that’s probably he single most disastrous line to ANY company EVER. it’s a failure of epic proportions because NOkia probably lost some 20% marketshare instantly. In India, no one now talks about buying an apple which is very expensive, nor about wp7 or nokia – it’s swept by android market and cheaper phones from china. so, stoked the fire ? no – who lit the fire ? it was none other than mr. smartypants elop. and what exactly has he done about it ? nothing appealing in the Indian market – they went with KKR for promotions in IPL – that’s just plain stupid, shah rukh has limited appeal for a brand of Nokia’s stature – someone more neutral would have been ideal – especially since shah rukh flopped for a few seasons in IPL due to his over zealousness. it’s largely seen by most Indians that behind the IPL-KKR debacle shah rukh was directly responsible for the failure. E7 was a momentous failure in India because of lack of promotions, Nokia fatigue, android success, high price for an ageing os – which could have been fixed by a quick anna update. man, so much is SO wrong with Nokia – I wish they had a seperate CEO for India, who had a clear mandate and the funds to shore up their market.

    looks like a lost cause with fundamental mistakes like the ovi app store paid apps availability not being fixed even after 6 months!

    • Ashutosh says:

      Some very fair points you raise Ashok! Thanks for going through the post. Now that they have taken their definitive step, we can only wish them luck and hope, the paid apps come back soon. But it has been very callous, there’s no denying that fact.

  6. Vansh singh says:

    I am using a nokia C7-00.i can not buy paid app on ovi store with my airtel cobection u hv reported mny tyme to nokia but there iz no rply

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