Android and Accessories Market Growth

Android is not known for having the best battery management system in the mobile ecosystem. You find a lot of people carrying an extra battery or Mugen Batteries. These were already there but on Android, it seems more of a neccesity!

What Android did in actuality? It made Mugen, Otterbox, Earphone companies, names familiar with consumers, mass consumers and not just Geeks. A non geek buys a simple Rs. 20 silicon case initially and you see him upgrading to a branded one in 3-4 months time.

Point here, I am trying to make is, you hear a lot about new mobile softwares, games. They get lot of eyeballs, print share, media share. But mobile accessories have caught up, these companies are going global thanks to the changing form factors, thanks to the widespread reach, access to information and online connectivity. Android can lay claim to be a majority share holder of this growth story.

Wish I had the financials of the accessory companies to substantiate it but I don’t have!

I don’t know what prompted me to write this but I see just too much of Androids around me and each day, one or the other is getting a case, a screen guard or something!

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