Ontime Everytime is a Wonderful Thing!!

Ontime Everytime is a Wonderful Thing!

I was probably 32,000 ft. above the sea level at the time of thumbing this post in an Indigo flight.

For the uninitiated, Indigo is a low cost airline in India along with many others.

The lovely Air Hostess, Leading Lady, Suneera was announcing on the recent developments happening in the company, like going International with flights to Singapore and Dubai commencing soon, winning the best low cost airline carrier in India for second year in a row and being featured as the best company in the Aviation Sector in India in Great Places to Work and Economic Times survey and being in the Top 50 among all Industries and sectors!

Now, this is a phenomenal rise for the company which started in the era when Kingfisher and Jet Airways were wiping of the remain of Indian Airlines’ dominance from the Indian Airspace.

Indigo is a classic case study. Ontime Everytime is a Wonderful Thing. Absolutely. The sheer increase in numbers of air travellers every year in India is something which is mind boggling. Corporate travellers have become an integral part of this Aviation industry growth story. As integral as rural consumers to Indian Telecom growth story. To them, time is everything. Ontime is precious. Airports are operating like Indian road traffic now. Mornings and Evenings are peak/rush hours and afternoons are relaxed.

By now, you would have got an idea where I am coming to! No? Ok! (Infact, I just went through the entire post till now to understand, what is it, I was trying to convey 😉 )!

The germ for this post took birth when lovely lady, Suneera made a mention of being top in the Great Places to Work survey. Amazing. Simply amazing. No frills service revolving around single strategy of being the most punctual has resulted into corporate travellers preferring to all the other airlines. That has resulted into taking their families along on holidays on Indigo since they have got accustomed to it! Travellers and increase in traffic helped it in attracting better talent. And now we have lovely ladies like Suneera joining Indigo and proudly announcing, they are working for the best company in the aviation sector.

Again, Indigo has not restricted itself just to being ontime. They keep their travellers engaged through deals and announcements which are NOT boring.

Believe me, when I say this. I travel a lot. People who know me, will know this!! 🙂

It reminds me of Facebook. Clear vision, clear business strategy and wonderful working hands to achieve that! Well, I will leave you with some food for thought to analyze that 😉

I am reaching the end of this post and we are about to make a stop at Nagpur enroute to my Pune return. Let me see, if I can post this. 🙂

Once again, being rated as the best to work with in Aviation Industry and to be among the top 50 across all Industries is simply phenomenal.

Kudos to Indigo! Brilliant work!

A happy and inspired customer 🙂

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