Who should be handling your Social Media?

Who should be handling your Social Media?


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This is more from the companies’ point of view. These days, every company worth its penny/paisa/cent is on Social Media sites. I am myself active on Twitter (@aktiwary) and Facebook (/aktiwary) and the recent changes in Foursquare are telling me, that I am going to spend a lot of time there as well. But as of now, it’s mainly Facebook and Twitter. That’s pretty moderate considering you have so many of them.

I have written time and again on Social Media and how it is going to stay relevant. My last post on Facebook was just an indicator taking one service as example.

This spurt in users getting switched on to SNS (Social Networking Sites) has forced the companies to have a look at their marketing strategy. Social Media is not just a leftover of the campaign budget. It’s at the forefront.

The problem is, each marketing campaign is designed with ROI in mind. Infact, when I was working at Radio Mirchi, I would often go and meet customers to get their business. I was in Radio business and our primary business was to create buzz around the shop, brand, and product. Their simple question every time would be, how much would it impact my sales and we would always end up elaborating that how we could generate more footfalls et al.

So, my thinking was on those lines only. Though, it’s good to see how Engagement has become the primary focus of the companies. I do not have any sales data of any company with me which can point to the sales increase/decrease, no affect due to social media participation.

There is this article from Jason Falls on Social Media Explorer which has a graph. Website traffic is impacted hugely with Engagement and Brand awareness taking the prominent positions in that survey chart.

People on SNS generally follow companies for offers, schemes, freebies but the way, a brand or a company can engage with its customers can define the future course of business.

With so much thrust on Social Media, the question arises, who should be handling it?

An internal resource? An Agency? Someone Junior? Someone Senior? How much should you share? What all should you post/tweet?

These are not easy decisions.

Firstly, the strategy should be clear. Whether the company is coming online to establish a brand, a product? Whether it is going to focus on customer grievance? Whether to have an interactive approach towards building familiarity or website link approach? (Website link approach is, simply guide the consumer to the website to gather more info, lodge complains etc, thereby increasing the traffic).

The strategy defines the path. Once the company is clear in its objectives, it becomes easier to manage it.

I personally feel, it should be an in-house resource, someone at the middle management level.

 An in-house resource would identify or relate to the brand in a much better fashion than an agency because the agency will have multiple clients, each assigned to a team or an employee of the agency. Just look at the way, how far the brand has already moved from the person, who is going to represent it to the world. It takes just one moment of madness. Just 4 seconds to tweet something inappropriate, something classified and it is flashed across. Deleting that will only be too little, too late.

I like how Boingo manages its Twitter and Facebook profiles. You can feel the warmth. They are so interactive. They announce contests, freebies, information and none of these look pushed, forced.

Quickoffice has another good SNS presence. Now, Nokia is a peculiar case. @WOMWorldNokia has built a fantastic community. @1000Heads is amazing, probably because the quality of people and their influential presence online. But @Nokia itself is hardly praised or revered! Why?

Have you gone through Coca Cola’s Fan Page on Facebook? It has close to 34 Million people “liking” that page. In short, something Coke posts there reaches 34 million people instantly. How crucial is to manage that account?

That’s why this question is something every company should be asking beforehand. Who is going to handle your account?


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2 Responses to Who should be handling your Social Media?

  1. Nitish Kumar says:

    Some nice points.
    I always think that sometimes you should include own case studies with business related matters.

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