Posts, where to post?

Posts, where to post?

It’s a short post on where to post. I am actually giving this a serious thought. Don’t actually think that I will be really treading this path but it’s an interesting thought.

 I received a reminder from GoDaddy last night that my domain name needs renewal in a month’s time. I would have received atleast 500 mails from them in the last one year on various promotions, this and that. Actually none of them merited my attention also but this one got me thinking.

I have been writing here for some time now. I have written 20 odd articles here and am glad that I took that call of buying that domain. Yes, your doubts are absolutely legitimate (if you have!) that how is domain purchase associated with writing?

Let me get to that. I still find it amusing how I got into this!

Aatif (@aatifsumar) called me almost a year back. I was sitting then at the same place I am sitting right now! He wanted to purchase a domain and he had a discount code. If my memory serves me right, the discount code was GOBBLE. 🙂

I tried my hand too. The purchase was almost impulse, infact, impulse. It’s another thing that I ended up paying $5!

So the domain was purchased. I created a WordPress account, Phonesnmore, and Nikhil (@nikhilpai) was kind enough to map that domain of mine with my WordPress account. That was another $12. So $17 and some help later, was born. Since money was involved, I picked my arse up and decided to make use of that. So that’s about it.

Now, why this post?

I saw Google Plus. Saw, in the sense, I started reading some posts there. I don’t use it extensively and have no intentions of using it as social media platform just yet, but, it is a great blogging platform. If you use Google Plus, do read some of the posts of Robert Scoble, Louis Gray and Jeff Jarvis. They have got some great posts there now!

So, I will not be using it as a social media platform but why not for posts? If I make this profile public and use it like a Blogger, WordPress or Tumblr, what’s the difference? Google Plus works on real identity and my domain actually emphasizes my real identity. Real dilemma. What do I gain, what do I lose?

Would love to know how many of you have thought that way!


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12 Responses to Posts, where to post?

  1. sajin says:

    To be honest, I haven’t thought that way at all. But now I’m thinking why not !!

  2. You already have TheTWZ for posts about gadget and stuff. And for personal stuff and posts, if you can use google plus, why spend money on this? I think a combi of TheTWZ and Google plus will fulfill your needs.

  3. Nitish Kumar says:

    I will wish to keep the Same as its more of a personal identity. May be some little expense, but something that should remain.

    Not to mention, there are other things like Google Apps and email ids like

  4. suyog says:

    then why not blogspot? But i liked idea of having email account like 😉

  5. Ashutosh says:

    ha ha Suyog! The point is to make it simple. Why Blogspot and why not Google Plus? Infact, the question for me is Why Not! I write opinionated posts. They are just my thoughts! Can be published anywhere which has eyeballs. I see Google Plus having that. And posts is a great feature. Read some of Robert Scoble’s posts there. It’s as good as a blog for him!

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