The Baristas and the CCDs!

The Baristas and the CCDs!

As I sit here in this Barista Coffee Shop for the Nth time and see people typing away to glory all around me, I am reminded of the days gone by!

No no, I didn’t come to Barista on a Holiday (today is Ganesh Chaturthi) to work. Well, I am waiting for the Titan Eye+, which is across the road to open.

I am carrying no gadget with me save my phone.

Coming to the topic on what provoked this article.

As I said, I have been coming to this Barista for almost 5 years now. I used to come here to grab a Mocha, I still come to grab a Mocha only. But the entire neighbourhood around me has changed. The landscape has changed. It used to be a place primarily for youngsters to spend some time together. A yound couple sitting in the corner. The spikes in the afternoon lunch time of the general crowd. That was what it was all about. Have spent enough years to say so, atleast for this outlet.

Well, over the past year or so, the general traffic bearer has changed. Those youngsters still come. But the loyal base has changed. I see a lot of people working. Young people, old people, everyone has a laptop or a smartphone open, animated discussions all around.

This crowd was there before as well so what is the point I am trying to make? Well, the ratio has changed! The youngsters have moved to McDonalds and the Coffee shops are the abode of the mobile workers now.

Why? How? Have these coffee shops done something different? No, they have done nothing to change their strategy (probably, hiking the prices of the coffee may be one of the reasons. The same Mocha used to be 40 bucks earlier which is 78 now).

It’s the way people work has changed.

The awareness has increased. The information highway has become the expressway. There’s a small toll tax you pay, which is investing in a smartphone or a data connection.

The concept of meeting in a coffee shop has taken a new meaning now. I see interviews happening. I see, client meetings happening. What used to be a few and far between sight is the norm now.

Also, a lot of them have got blogs now. You see people sitting alone typing on word.

This bodes well for these chains! These people have money. They spend 3-4
hours a day at a coffee shop. There is no one to disturb them. They end up having 2-3 coffees, lunch at that shop! The new vocations, the changing way of working is all a very welcome change!

The coffee shops need to upgrade a bit to encash a bit more on this trend. Invest in free wifi, invest in better seats, invest in having a power plug with each table. It will carry on.

Probably that’s the reason, you see a lot of new chains coming up! Baristas and the Cafe Coffee Days have got Aromas, Costa Coffees and a host of other new companions. Wonder if they like that sight!

As I said before, I was waiting for that Titan Eye+ shop to open and it’s open! So I am leaving. I gave an impression of working to my co-customers and you’ll have to bear with what is the outcome of that ”impression”.

That’s it! 🙂

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