A Month…….with 3G

A month with 3G!

Well, I have been on 3G for a month now. Quite a few number of mobile users (in India) have been on 3G for close to 8-12 months so this is not to extol the virtues of 3G or something.

I use Nokia E72 which does not have the multimedia capabilities of a 3.7” or a 4” touchphone neither does it have apps to realise the potential of 3G to the maximum. I still wanted to see, what has changed in my usage pattern after activating 3G. There I am, sharing that!

3G is expensive compared to EDGE prices, that we have in India. For example, I am on 2GB/month cap. EDGE was Rs. 98/month for the same cap, while 3G is Rs. 750/month. So it was imperative for me to rationalize the usage. Since I was lucky to have 3G signals in my office as well as one corner of my house, I decided to be on 3G on my phone as my only source of internet. That is, the home laptop, which had a Reliance Broadband+ dongle as its gateway to internet had to depend on my 3G on phone tethering. I stopped using my Reliance Dongle altogether. So saved some costs there. I installed a data monitor app (Internet Tracker) to track my usage. Could not afford to go beyond with those exorbitant plans!

I was all set.

So what changed?

When I was on EDGE, how would I use my phone? I had mails and WhatsApp and Gravity (the awesome Social Media app from Jan Ole Suhr, yes, I call it a social media app and not just a twitter client, simply for the fact that 90% of my facebook usage is through that and almost 100% of foursquare usage is through that) always on. The best thing was, none of these apps needed 3G to work in an optimal fashion!

My usual data consumption used to be around 250 MB/month at max and I never bothered to check what was consuming it. Come on, I had 2GB at my disposal.

I started cautiously. First 15 days, was little hesitant on let loose. But then, even after 15 days, without any ”particular” compromise. I had spent only around 200 MB which included a 78 MB podcast download.

I went all out on my usage. Started tethering. Started putting Chhota Bheem on You Tube and giving phone to daughter. Started reading a lot of web links. Put the Profimail to download full mails with attachments. I went up to 1.3 GB in usage.

Absolutely true. 3G does make you go on the internet. Most of the links, you’d have otherwise saved in your twitter favourites to Read It Later, you’d open. Most of the podcasts or music, you’d have postponed to download on a laptop, you’d download. The speed is still a concern. I don’t velieve the kind of 326 kbps I get justifies the money spent but then, to think, I was getting 45-60 kbps on EDGE, it’s all good. Tethering went up a few notches and this is where, 3G actually made itself worth to me. I use my personal laptop rarely but then, when I use it, I do not want myself struggling to get on internet. Things have been so fast.

Now I realise, how people blow up data on their phones! I did not compromise on my usage one bit, I did not even compromise on tethering one bit and I ended up blowing 1.3GB of data on a phone, not best known for its multimedia capabilities! If I had an Android or an iOS, am sure, I would have ended somewhere around 5 GB!

First month has been good. The ”costs” are under control and 3G signal availability has not been ”that” major a concern so far.

One thing that I haven’t used so far is Video Calling!

Have you made the switch from EDGE to 3G? Why would or wouldn’t you?

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4 Responses to A Month…….with 3G

  1. Suyog says:

    Good that you managed to stay within limit ! I always have to watch my 1GB limit 🙂
    which app you use for tracking usage? SPB Wireless Monitor looks best of lot.

  2. I’ve switched from Airtel’s edge to 3G a couple of times, but disconnected in a couple of days. The #1 reason is the low signal strength, that kills my battery. Plus, their plans are crap, either too low a download limit or too high a charge. Also, I’m near a connection that’s orders of maginitude faster 90% of the time.

    That said, I am trialling using BSNL 3G on my SGS for the past month on a second sim. But, it is a pain to carry two phones, most likely I will switch back to EDGE at the end of the 1 month.

    • Ashutosh says:

      Really depends on the need. If I have to go 3G on my phone, I would definitely look at one very important aspect, ie, availability of good signal at home and work. Secondly, who all use internet at home and how and when will the personal laptop be used. Both were checked right in my case so I went ahead with the decision. 🙂

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