It’s a new World, It’s a new Start

A new World, A new Start

As I lie on this sofa and reflect on the past two days that have gone by, I am experiencing too many emotions. To be honest, “Here I am” by Bryam Adams is playing in mind. No, no, no corelation with the song, but still, the line which matches my current situation is my heading for this post.

*As it is, I am reviewing no, experiencing the Nokia E6 from the kind folks at WomWorldNokia, and, writing posts in QuickOffice and posting them here through “Email to Post” utility is one of the most important things I do on my E72, I thought, I would run this E6 through it. Nothing really to test except the comfort factor of the physical keyboard in terms of length and the ease with which it can be used. The post actually is not a review post or a trial run for the device but my genuine thoughts as all my posts have been.*

It’s not easy to take certain decisions in life. Changing jobs is one of them. There are two primary reasons for anybody changing jobs. (I said two, the primary ones as I see them, you may have many and I am not contesting them. They may fall under either of the two I am about to mention.)

1. The company forces you to take the self-eject.
2. You start hating the Mondays.

It was mainly the second one for me. Not because of pressure, but then, sometimes, the clarity comes a little later in the day as to what exactly you want to do and in which direction you want your career to be headed. It occured to me around 5-6 months that what I was doing and what I wanted to do, there was a disconnect.

So I moved from Adecco to IndiaCan now. It’s a vocational training company which provides vocational training to youths and make them employable. My inclination has been towards Education and I can clearly see where I want to head and whether this will take me there or not.

So Part One of the decision was easy. It’s the Part Two which is a little difficult.

I have been happily settled in Pune. House, daughter settled in her LKG in a school there!

This job requires me to be in Mumbai. Moving stuff is not difficult. You call an Aggarwal Packers or anyone of their ilk and it happens. Moving and shifting emotions is. Staying away from family till the time I move my family is.

Pune has been nice. I don’t know about Mumbai. In the sense, I know the routes and the companies et al but I am talking about the emotional connect. But I am sure, it has been a good move and this city, which is home to close to 20 million people, will take in 3 more!

Right now, since I am away from family, I will be suffering from these little bouts of nostalgia. Ha ha!

That’s it.

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6 Responses to It’s a new World, It’s a new Start

  1. jairajp says:

    All the Best Ashutosh!!

  2. Ashutosh says:

    Thank You Jai. Thank you so much!

  3. Nitish Kumar says:

    All the best Ashu. My best wishes for your new venture (hoping that we will be a little less envy of you as Goa visits will be lesser now) and also wishing myself so that I may come up with a more bigger post from my side as well (sigh!! I am giving these wishes to myself since long now)

  4. pannkaz says:

    Wishing you all the best Ashu for the new venture and I am sure you will excel here as well.

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