What do I do…….on Twitter?

What do I do……..on Twitter?

Well, before you go, what, just for the sake of a post, not again, etc etc etc on this topic, let me tell you, there’s a reason for writing this post!

Twitter has users in millions. People are here out of curiosity, out of job neccesity (yes, it is one of the reasons!), out of various needs or simply because it’s ”cool” to be in.

I joined Twitter on 8th Feb, 2009. My first tweet was ”Sunday, Bloody Sunday”. I had no clue what twitter was all about. Slowly, I started finding my feet, my interests and people of interest whom I should be following! (can you believe, I was following Demi Moore? Yeah, I had some dark days on here!)

Well, so coming back to the point. I found my interest. Slowly, my tweets started revolving around Mobiles, Mobile news, social media and Good Morning, Good Evening tweets to #twz. All said and done, it was and is never a serious business for me. I can comment on serious issues once or twice (Like Anna Hazare Movement) but then, that’s just about it.

It’s a light hearted medium for me to pass my time and catch up on news of interest. Though I would never be devastated if I miss out on any news here. Simple. I have never been able to open http://tweetstats.com though I always wanted to, to find out my usage pattern! Lol!! The office laptop could never open that and always forgot to check that on my home laptop. But if you’ll go to that site and check my handle (@aktiwary), you will find that more than 90% of my tweets are from mobile device and mobile clients. Majorly Gravity because, that’s the only decent twitter client available for Nokia E72!

Exactly, no surprises there. Twitter is not a medium for me to do research on my subjects of interests on web and simultaneously tweet the urls on Twitter.

I saw @Vidyut starting Domestic Violence on women debate yesterday. It’s still going on, I believe. That’s when this post came to my mind. Can you REALLY have debates on serious issues on Twitter? You can incite people here, you can sensitize them to the gravity of situation and TAKE them to a platform much bigger and open to engage and involve. You really don’t think that you can start a mass movement on Twitter, do you?

Let me tell you the reason for my skepticism. Take this very example of Vidyut’s Violence On Women issue. I follow her and so do 2000 other users (approx). Everyone has a viewpoint on that topic. I also have little somethings to say on that but I would be able to share them only with her. Everyone else would be doing the same because we are following her and there is no medium which lets us get involved with each other as we may or may not follow each other. There is no reason to follow each other. Probably, I may not have any other connect with those 2000 other followers of Vidyut apart from this topic. So I will be able to see what others think of that issue only through the RTs coming through Vidyut. See the point? My point is simple, if you have an issue, rather than trashing that out on Twitter, it’s advisable to bring it to an open forum and use Twitter to DIRECT people on that forum. A forum which has everyone’s view open to all. There is no controlled environment. Twitter RTs from Vidyut will allow me to see only those viewpoints which she endorses, right? A forum will give a much more bigger picture, rather an unbiased picture.

I tweeted, it’s getting wayyy too serious. One guy retorted (tweeted), so what were you expecting? Entertainment? EXACTLY. I am not on Twitter to make my head heavy and giddy with serious issues. I would rather see a TWEET informing me about some serious discussion happening on some forum and then I would rather decide if I am in a mood to enter that at that point in time or not.

I am here to have some light info of interest. Some fun chat going on somewhere where I may barge! Some interesting blog link on any topic which I may enjoy reading! It’s always on the move for me! It’s always between breaks for me! It’s always to gather some quick info on something for me! It’s always a quick Google replacement for me! 🙂

So what do you do sir…..on Twitter? 😉

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4 Responses to What do I do…….on Twitter?

  1. Rakesh says:

    Nice to read this article……informative but light as well. Thanks

  2. Nitish Kumar says:

    Interesting post as always.
    May be I will also write over it sometime.

  3. Ashutosh says:

    Thank you Rakesh ji! Kya haal chaal hain?

  4. Ashutosh says:

    Thanks Nitish. Infact, you should definitely write on this topic!

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