Bye Bye, the Cult, Christened Steve.

Goodbye Steve

I have nothing to say. I have never used Apple products and cannot comment on Steve Jobs for the technological brilliance.

The phones always remained just a little out of my reach in each of their iteration.

I have admired Steve as a business leader. I have been and will always be a fan of Steve Jobs in my capacity as a student of Marketing.

Steve shared a lecture in Standford University in 2005, here. Yes, I read that for the first time 20 minutes through Kara Swisher’s tweet. I was blown. I knew the guy I admired as a business leader was a true visionary. It’s easier said than done. You have to understand the core message of that Speech. (Yes, I have kept the s in that speech in caps, which may be wrong grammatically wrong but right in many ways.)

He says, Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish. So right. That’s the only way, you can follow your passions with child-like enthusiasm. If you are not ”foolish”, you would probably debate too much on the merits of your actions.

No analysis here. Just a tribute to my Hero of my management classes. My branding classes.

Bye Steve. I hope, Apple grows 1000 times more than what it was in your era. I hope that all the future CEOs of Apple surpass you in achievements, in taking the company higher. I hope so, because that is what you would have hoped for, wanted.

All said, none of them will ever match the swagger walk of that frail man in Black full-sleeve T and faded jeans on the stage. The confidence of a man, who saw the future of his products will never be matched.

Rest in peace. May God give you a Mac, an iPhone and an iPad in the Heaven.

Goodbye Steve.

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