I Removed WhatsApp

Those who have followed me a little closer than others on the social networks would know that I have been a pretty vocal proponent of WhatsApp. Infact it used to be the first shortcut on my phone’s homescreen!

I have approximately 800 contacts in my phonebook and I would squeal with joy whenever the WhatsApp contacts would grow out of them. I had around 65 contacts using WhatsApp out of which 6 were very close friends, 6 were twitter buddies, 2 family and rest all people, with whom I would have done some business at some point in time and they would be there in my phonebook. I have been a pretty active user also.

Then why would I remove it? With the phone I carry, tech geeks would point to 73 factors and some more as the reason behind my removing WhatsApp! πŸ™‚

Well, had it been one of those reasons, I would have never made it a post. It was neither the battery nor the memory that made me switch off. (Though, memory in itself, makes a very compelling reason to remove it from E72 but I had managed to live with that.) It was one, never anticipated, reason!

Please bear in mind that I am a working professional. I am in my 30s and employed. I work to earn my bread. A sales professional who is hanging on to the ladders of middle management. The role brings responsibility and my previous role had me dabbling in operations also.

I have always tried to keep my work away from home. I have a little daughter and she deserves my attention whenever I am at home.

The problem started when my clients started upgrading to smartphones. Most of them hopped onto the WhatsApp bandwagon also.

Then it started affecting my work-life routine. They would not call me post 7. They had this courtesy left in them but then the WhatsApp messages started! Can you please let me know if the Bank transfers have happened? Can you find out why my associate in Jalgaon has not received his salary till date?

What the hell? How would I find out at 8 in the night if the bank transfers have happened or not? Who would be there in my Bangalore office to confirm that to me? Come on, giving salaries to your associates is (Was) my freaking job, why wouldn’t I find out, but 9 pm on a Friday is not the best of the times to remind me of that.

Not that I wouldn’t want to help but that, the offices don’t work on Saturdays and I wouldn’t be really of any help to you till Monday. You have done nothing but simply screwed my evening and my mood.

The tipping point was, when at 9.30 pm, one night I was reading a beadtime story to my daughter and the phone buzzed. Again, mood screwed. That was it. I did not bother to check what my status was, I removed. I have found my workarounds to stay in touch with family/friends. God Bless the good old email and facebook chat.

You know, you would simply say, what’s the big deal? Get two sims. Can’t handle!

Anyways, that was my story about why I don’t “respond” to you on WhatsApp if you ping me or rather why I haven’t “responded” till not for the message you had sent 10 days back!

Cheers! πŸ™‚


About Ashutosh

A family guy who loves phones, music, movies, tea, sweats and gizmos :)
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2 Responses to I Removed WhatsApp

  1. Arjun Parsi says:

    Hmm.. Tell me what if your clients have send you the same via sms? What would you do?
    According to me WhatsApp is sms replacement with more options.
    Even I have issues with group chat in whatsapp. So I have removed the notification for them πŸ˜‰

    • Ashutosh says:

      They haven’t done so. You forget one thing. Any medium on internet is an option at any point in time but a direct call or an SMS is a direct intrusion to your privacy. Atleast they understand that.

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