LBS, SSS : Mission, Vision and Goals!! (?)

Strange topic, eh? But then, you know me. 😉

What’s the point of having a topic which explains the entire post in one line. :p

Ok. Location Based Services, Social Sharing Services (Eg: Foursquare, Gowalla, Gomiso, Get Glue, Groupon etc) are hanging in there. I can’t say whether I see a big future for them or I see them doomed. Nothing. I don’t know. I don’t know what practical purpose do they (majority of them) serve but I do know, they have huge potential.

Also, if you are looking for a post where you can  see all these companies’ official Mission, Vision and Goals, well, I can just say, APRIL FOOL! Sorry, I think I am not in a right frame of mind to post something.

The idea behind this post is, how, I see, these companies being ultra useful. What should have been their mission, vision according to me!

There are many companies in this space and I really don’t have time or patience to go through all of them. Let’s take one.

Let’s take Foursquare. Ofcourse, I will try to make my point as general as possible for it to be applicable to most of them. Well, there are only two suggestions.

Foursquare to me has huge potential to affect everyday lives of people! What can it do to appeal to people :-

  1. Tie-up with corporates :- Encourage tie ups with corporates. Make their sales team use foursquare to check in to client meetings. Put a resource to summarize every sales person check ins of the day and give a report to the management for a month as a value add.Ofcourse, one resource can service 200 sales persons. It may be one organization or multiple organizations having these many sales guys. Show some difference on how and why foursquare check ins can result into more authentic and faster reporting. (Ofcourse, one precondition for that would be to use GPS coordinates to check in, not web. as my friend on twitter @m_krishna says. 🙂 ) Also, encourage employees to use it for more accurate and better controls. Make corporates incentivise people for tracking leads and closing deals using 4sq. I don’t know why but I see huge potential for it in the market.
  2. Encourage people to use Foursquare differently. For that, the current system of allocating mayorships should go. Make them use foursquare for work and personal usage. Work, ofcourse, I “suggested” something above. Personal should be between friends. More on becoming an expert of a place. Try and replace mayorships with “Place Expert” kind of a thing. Rather than one mayor, let there be multiple “Place Experts”. Ofcourse, mere check in should not be a criteria for that. Foursquare should get people to “qualify” for becoming a “Place Expert”. 5 check ins or more and a questionnaire pops into your inbox asking 5 “very specific to that place” questions. You answer and you become a “Place Expert”. Also, to make them feel special, Foursquare should create a city wise “hall of fame” for the “Place Experts” on their blog. That’s gratification. There should be tangible benefits for the “Place Experts” at the places of which they are experts.

These were two very off the cuff ideas which came to my mind which I thought of sharing with you all.

That’s it! 🙂


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2 Responses to LBS, SSS : Mission, Vision and Goals!! (?)

  1. Nitish Kumar says:

    You know that I was waiting for such a post to come since ages from your side or TheTWZ that what might be uses for FourSquare? I tried something on it sometimes back here but still didn’t reach there, what I wanted to say (Reason, not that through user of FourSquare etc)

    But still I think this post is just a pointer and we need some analysis on it with through details, use cases, Market references (Domino etc actually used it in their biz, I guess).. etc etc… Who is taking it on his shoulders?

    • Ashutosh says:

      Indeed Nitish. I seriously do not understand, why Foursquare is not making use of the opportunity. Anyways, they would know better. It’s what I feel that I have penned!

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