Happy New Year!

Well, it’s just about perspective. An year gone by and another one starts. Some will look back to 2011 with lot of fond memories while some may just be glad that it’s over and done with.

The human nature is such that we have been blessed with hope. The hope that tomorrow will be better than today. The hope that the new dawn will bring in a lot more cheer and succcess. The best part is, this hope is pretty individualistic in nature but the accumulation of that reflects the mood of the society, of the nation, of the world!

Personally, it’s been an eventful year in the sense that I changed my job and my place of living. A new life starts at the new city. Nothing much happened otherwise. But 2011 has been kind enough to NOT make me wish to forget that. Like all of you, I look forward to the new year, to the new dawn!

This is my second new year wishes post on this site. That means, yes, I have completed a little more than one year on this online diary of my musings!

I am a firm believer of making resolutions. Success in achieving those depends on how seriously you commit yourself. We will not talk about the 2011’s resolutions here, ok! 😉

This year’s 3 public resolutions of mine are:

1. Run/walk 1000 kms
2. Cut weight by 10 kilograms
3. Try to live the life without giving a single paisa bribe

First two are within a controlled environment, the thrid one hovers on the edge. Let’s see.

I wish you and the people you care for a very happy new year. Hope you have goals to achieve, your focus and your approach towards that absolutely clear. If not, take some time out and do that. It feels wonderful to know what you want to do today, tomorrow, day after, day day after…..

Cheers! 🙂

That’s it.

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About Ashutosh

A family guy who loves phones, music, movies, tea, sweats and gizmos :)
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4 Responses to Happy New Year!

  1. Vyom Ashar says:

    Happy New Year to you and your Family Ashutosh. And all the best for the new year resolutions.

  2. Happy New year to you and your family. 😀

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