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Love what you do!

For the love of Well, just had my lunch. A home cooked tiffin having flat bread, ladyfinger, curd and grapes! Gosh, I love my wife! 🙂 And I have time to kill. There were three options of doing it for … Continue reading

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Noise noise everywhere, where do I go??

Noise & News! I tweeted this in the morning also. There’s almost not a signle day you don’t see one topic not dominating the trends on Twitter. I noticed this trend starting from Osama Bin Laden’s strike by US. Twitter … Continue reading

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The Mumbai Locals!!

The Mumbai Locals! You know I prefer travelling by my car. I use it as much as possible. I said, as much as possible. Why? Because, in Mumbai, you just can’t do without the Local trains, popularly called the Mumbai … Continue reading

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Parking Tracker – Love it!!

Well, to be honest, this will be my second ”review” of an app. First being Qik, the third (Hope I got that right!) article on my blog. When I had bought Parking Tracker for Rs. 25 from Ovi Store, I … Continue reading

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I love McDonalds!

Franchise but do it well! I am fascinated by successful companies in the world. Besotted with them. My last article was on how a company can have predictabilty and permanency in bottomline success if it merges the industry demands by … Continue reading

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The Painting

The painting Don’t be fooled by the title though that was exactly the intention. 😉 I had been intending to write this post since I read about Apple’s  results for Q1 – 2012. The post isn’t about to eulogize Apple … Continue reading

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