Parking Tracker – Love it!!

Well, to be honest, this will be my second ”review” of an app. First being Qik, the third (Hope I got that right!) article on my blog.

When I had bought Parking Tracker for Rs. 25 from Ovi Store, I used to be based in Pune and I rarely used it. It was kind of a frivolous buy to celebrate the launch of Ovi Store paid apps in Indian Rupees. (Yes, this app was bought THAT BACK).

I shifted to Mumbai 4 months back and from the past month or so, this app has helped me so many times that I decided to write about it.

You know there are things that your phone does which you take for granted. I decided to give this app 500 odd words on my page because it deserves every bit of it and some more.

The function is simple. It has two icons on the home screen. Park my Car and Where’s my Car. The beauty lies in proper functionality!

In Mumbai, I often park my car at a safe place. Safe translates to a proper parking area from where the traffic guys will not touch it and car’s relatively safer in company of 50-60 other cars in the vicinity.

Ever been to Mulund (West) Vegetable market area? It’s a mumbi jumbo of roads, streets, gullis and what not. I parked my car a safe 2 kms away from my place of meeting. Used Parking Tracker to register the place using Park my Car and off I went walking! Reached my place after asking for the proper gully. I had come to this place for the first time! (That’s the reason I use Parking Tracker most of the time. I am so new to the city and the city’s so vast that most of the places I visit, I visit for the first time).

I had no clue which road my car was parked and where was I. I opened Parking Tracker and clicked on Where’s my car. It took me there! As I said, there’s nothing much to write about when there are only two functions involved which are Park and Find. But it’s the sheer brilliance of the app in negotiating the streets and getting me there which bowls me over time and again.

I have attached some screenshots! Look at the lanes and the bylanes. When I walk back to the car, the icon displaying me keeps moving showing me the distance from the car. So even if I take a wrong turn, I can see the next lane taking me to the right lane and keep walking.

Simplicity is amazing and when simple things work properly, there’s nothing more satisfying!

PS : I promised this app 500 odd words on my page but there’s nothing more to write. The praise’s over! 🙂

That’s it!

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2 Responses to Parking Tracker – Love it!!

  1. Such inventions are really really making use of technology in positive way. I heard first time of any such thing available in market.

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