Noise noise everywhere, where do I go??

Noise & News!

I tweeted this in the morning also. There’s almost not a signle day you don’t see one topic not dominating the trends on Twitter.

I noticed this trend starting from Osama Bin Laden’s strike by US. Twitter went crazy, Egypt’s coup, Lybia and some of the eminent personalities death. (Please do not contort my statement, I have felt sadness with their deaths too but I am talking about something else here.)

There’s just overflow of news, news and more news. And strangely, such is the follower-following structure of Twitter that you really can’t escape that. Same news comes in your timeline through tweets and retweets and what not.

We started off pretty well, didn’t we? There were cool articles by bloggers and tech firms which used to come in our timelines through links. Those links were what I used to scout for on Twitter. People were less and noise was lesser.

You know, it was a perfect platform in late 2009 to early 2010 for me. Idle chit chat, animated discussions about phones and the upcoming OSes. Now, even the companies have peaked it seems. No revolutionary phones, no ground breaking OSes. Everything is just an upgrade or update. Be it phones’ specifications or OSes. We have craziness over Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean in Android and Mango, Tango and Apollo in Windows Phone OS. We have craziness over the screen size of phones, moving from single core to dual core and et al.

When I mean new phones, I meant Samsung Galaxy S, Nokia N8, iPhone 4. They were new phones with new technologies.

I know, bringing out phones which change the landscape is not an easy job and it cannot be that frequent also. Accept it and totally abide with the rationale of the mobile companies also. My problem is the noise created around the upgrades. My problem is the sprouting of blogs everywhere and everyone writing the same thing over and over again and RT’ing that 100 times.

That just clogs the timeline. Some advanced OSes have filters. You put the word there and you’re clean. Not mine. I use S60 OS and Gravity by Jan Ole is the only solace I have. Even that app for Social Media doesn’t have a filter and my timeline screams NOISE.

Moreover, twitter these days has become a news channel. People are worried about the world. Very nice. But we need sanity there. News is an every second thing. What you bring to my timeline needs some thought from you. Is every thing worth a tweet? What Adele is wearing to Grammy’s is tolerable ONCE. 20 times in my timeline through RTs? Wow!

Live tweets and retweets of Television shows that you’re watching, of the cricket match that you’re watching or the Super Bowl? Seriously? Ok. Fair. Absolutely. Because that’s what Twitter asks you, what’s happening? My point is, how many of those? 30 tweets of the same thing actually kill the joy.

The simple point I am trying to make here is, because of so much NOISE, I am missing out on the NEWS. News of my interest. Links I would love to click and read.

I don’t know what’s twitter’s business objective. I don’t know what they want to become, what they want to be known as? I don’t know what’s the goal? But if it continues like this, we have a situation where finding worthwhile links from all this noise will become the colloquial phrase of finding a needle from a stack of hay.

That’s it!

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