Can Twitter be the Masterkey of Search?

Twitter – The Masterkey of Search?

When I was a kid, I used to go to my villages. One from Mom’s side and one from Dad’s. I am privileged to have been to villages! 🙂

My grandparents had farmlands and we used to get farming done there. The crops used to be stored in various small hall-like rooms made near the house. My nana used to have a masterkey. That thing never ceased to amaze me. How can you possibly unlock 3-4 locks with one key? Well, that was my first introduction to a masterkey! (I have seen many post that and no, I am often not amazed by them anymore).

When you grow up, you learn new things. You start to put things in perspectives. Things become relative and subjective and childhood influences find a place in your life through the wisdom and the knowledge you acquire over the years.

Well, I suck in introducing my posts. So after 151 words, let me come to point! Social Media is changing by the day. I alternate my time between Twitter and Facebook. Facebook is mainly to catch up with what’s happening in my friends’ lives and share some moments with them I find worth sharing. Twitter is my favourite hangout. This is where I remain logged in for my own indulgence, to follow news of my interest.

I am saying Twitter has the potential to become to become the service where your online search ends.

Twitter founder Biz Stone has said sometime back that he wouldn’t want people to spend long hours on the site. His idea of usage was, you log in, find what you were looking for, spend some time and move on with your work.

I couldn’t realize it then. It hit me yesterday. I asked for the link of Josheph Kony video ( ). Easy to search on Google but then twitter returned my query with exact link in less than 2 seconds through my followers! Isn’t it amazing?

Now imagine this. I have 866 followers. (atleast I had that many yesterday evening!). Take out 25%-30% as bots. I still have 500 odd followers who are real people. They live in different countries, cities. The density of my followers can be captured roughly in 3 regions, India, UK and USA.

How awesome it is that someone in my twitter feed is always awake.

Let’s take 2 scenarios.

1. I need to know the best restaurant in Mumbai (say Fort) for veg food.

What are my options of finding it.

(a) I google it. Google takes me to one of the sites. Can be any site. Let’s not take names. I click and see the ratings and read reviews and make my choice.
(b) I put it up on Twitter. Aatif (@aatifsumar) lives there and recommends me, say, Parantha Mantra. He tells me the specialities and location.

Now tell me, which one is better? Which one is more credible? Which one will I heed to? As we often say on twitter, No S**t Sherlock!

Scenario Two

2. I am going to Goa for 3 days. I need a hotel booking in Panjim. What do I do?

Well, what are my options

(a) Google for hotels, go to their sites and do the needful. (b) Go to TripAdvisor and read reviews.
(c) Expedia
(d) Twitter where Siddharth or Anthony tell me the hotel in Panjim.

A loose third scenario can be finding a story or a link which people can provide you with, INSTANTLY.

My point is simple. Twitter has the potential to become the most reliable and credible one stop search shop for all our online queries. It’s FAR OFF, WAY OFF from there right now but imagine if that happens!

I will come back to this post of mine and rename it, Twitter is Google and some more. 🙂

That’s it!

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4 Responses to Can Twitter be the Masterkey of Search?

  1. Krishna says:

    I think what Biz had in mind was a repository of information people could search/trends which inform you of news, ergo, hashtags. If people logged in only to search and go on, you wouldn’t have someone answer you live, would you?

    • Ashutosh says:

      Probably. Ofcourse, people come, login, look for what they want, spend some time and move on with life. Gather information, use it in real life and keep moving. Spending hours on Twitter just tweeting is neither gonna give Twitter the business evolution nor the users any ”hook”.

      Sent from my Nokia

      • Krishna Meenakshisundaram says:

        Ironic, isn’t it? 🙂

      • Ashutosh says:

        Haha! My firm belief is, any new venture’s ONLY objective should be doing things which lead to sustainable revenue. If it’s not doing that, it’s a bad investment. You know, twitter will be happy if everyone spends just about 20 minutes daily on it. Daily is the key word. It has to become a search necessity.

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