Enabled Push, Disabled alerts!

Don’t know how many of you have noticed but my Twitter/Facebook activity has come down. I don’t have a top of the drawer phone but a decent one through which I can manage my social feeds at will as it has Push. Come on!

Almost everyone these days carries a phone which has push. Push is omnipresent these days. Started with SMS, graduated to Emails, IMs and Social Networks. It’s important for us to know who is trying to reach us in order for us to respond on time.

Well, I have disabled the the Notifications. It’s been 3 weeks. I do not get any notification for the Twitter mentions, Facebook comments, IMs, WhatsApp and what not. The only notification active on my phone is Email and that too, only because I have my official email id configured on it and I haven’t reached a stage in my career where I can ignore official emails and reply to them at will.

Mind you, I said, push enabled, alerts disabled. 🙂

As a popular telecom company advertises, turn cacophony into symphony. Well, THIS is turning that cacophony into symphony for me.

I choose when to respond, I choose when to have a look at them. It’s me. It is of course something that I did not plan and execute. I got busy with work and these notifications would always annoy by beeping at the most inappropriate of times.  So yes, it started by sheer accident but I have decided to keep it like this only now.

How often have you wondered that, Boss, there needs to be a limit to my online activity? How often has your family cribbed that you don’t spend enough time with them? How often has your wife/girlfriend looked at your phone as their rival? We put this Restricted (it’s just a metaphor to show the line between the virtual and the real world) sign always to protect our privacy but somehow the lines get blurred so quickly that you don’t even care. Just like this picture above (I got it from akseabird‘s flickr stream), my sign falls way too often than I would want it to.

Well, disabling alerts has helped me in some way. I don’t need to switch off completely to detox. Infact, I am pseudo switched off always. What’s more, the services are always on. When I check, I have all my notifications there. Pick it up from where you have left. It’s great. I don’t have that itch anymore to check my phone every second. I check it when I want to. Well, I have wrested back some control back from my phone. Yay!

Yes, no alerts is a good thing for this man! 🙂


About Ashutosh

A family guy who loves phones, music, movies, tea, sweats and gizmos :)
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12 Responses to Enabled Push, Disabled alerts!

  1. pannkaz says:

    Nice post man.. Think I shall give it a try too.

  2. vyomashar says:

    Good one. I am doing the same

  3. I disabled push too. Now if only I can resist the urge to log on now and then…..

  4. Aditya Singhvi says:

    Great to see you’ve started doing this. I’ve been doing this for quite some time now. I just disconnect when I need to, simply because there are other important things that need my attention, be it people, work or something else.

    Excess usage replaces our need to be heard with the need to just say stuff. If you know someone is listening, then you’ll tend to ‘over-communicate’ and saturate the mode.

    Social networks and other paraphernalia isn’t about about just talking, it’s also about learning to keep quiet once in a while and seeing things. Now if the hyperactive social networking people also realized the memories they want to share on the web, is made in the real world and for that you need to keep your eyes and mind peeled at the real life amidst real people 🙂

    Glad to see you inculcating this discipline.

    Oh! and I never disable my alerts on my phone, I don’t think I can. I do however stop using the various channels once in a while. I guess I’m able to resist that odd ‘push notification’ 🙂

    • Ashutosh says:

      Amazed to read this. People often associate social media addiction to bloggers because of the nature of their work. Great to know that you are able to switch off and keep a balance. Thanks for dropping by!

  5. Aditya Singhvi says:

    Glad to see you’ve started to do this. I’ve been doing for quite some time. Only difference is, I don’t switch off notifications and alerts, I simply ignore them.. It’s so much easier I find…

  6. I use filters. Separate folders for twitter, Facebook and forum notification mails. I have configured my email to mark any email from Facebook/twitter as read. So I don’t get any alerts on my phone but they are still pushed. For all other personal mails (and business offers from Daniel Craig :-p) I still get notifications.

  7. Suyog says:

    This is what I have been doing for long time but selectively.
    somehow I hated SMS since I had my first phone. So thats first I disable. For office mails, I always used to configure on my phone by myself. But in my current company its not allowed at all. So thats gone. Never been fan of Social Media(in my case twitter only) alerts.In fact I never used push for twitter apart from testing. Peace of mind I say.

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