They lived to tell another tale!

Nokia BH-111 and Nokia DC-11

I love how I think of my post titles!!! *Pats self on the back*!

If you read my last post, you would know that I recently shifted from a Nokia E72 to a Blackberry Bold 9790. The Nokia was there with me for a good two and a half years.

The thing is, when you use a phone for such a duration, you tend to buy accessories which compliment the phone and become part of your smartphone ecosystem. I also bought quite a few stuff.

Not counting apps here which were in loads. I bought two accessories which went very well with my E72. One was the portable Nokia charger DC-11 and the other was BH-111. DC-11 is an old ally. There with me for more than two years. The utility is something, only a sales person on the go and understand! Haha! You know, Nokia was giving me 14 hours of usage but there were times with 3G-2G toggling that it would take a toll on the battery and the phone would start beeping (weeping seems more apt!) In about 10 hours. DC-11 would see me through. No hassles. No looking for a charging point. No need of carrying a charger. And it is portable. It wouldn’t let me compromise on my mobility. It had become a part and parcel of my daily routine.

I never really wrote a review for it. Never felt the need. I am not a review person to be honest. Even today, if you ask me, how much mAh does it pack, I would not be so sure. I don’t know. Probably 950 mAh. Lol!

And the second one was BH-111. See, I reiterate again. Do not look at it as, come on dude, this product is much better and cheaper or that product can do this also and this blah and that blah aand blah blah blah. This is simply my experience with a product and probably the convenience it gave me in my day to day life.

Coming back, this product is a bluetooth stereo headset and it’s immensely useful. Does not get tangledan does not come out of the phone while driving, listen to music, watch you tube. The last two make it a win over typical bluetooth headsets. It has got more battery power also.

So that’s about these two accessories. My most loved accessories. When I changed phones, lot of apps were rendered useless. Lot of money invested in them rendered useless. (That’s another thing for another day.) But these two survived!!! Yipee!

Both my DC-11 and my BH-111 work flawlessly with my Bold 9790! Both ultra critical.

Blackberry’s battery does not give me more than 10 hours of usage. Extreme situations (calls) result in 8 hours of usage. That’s it. The DC-11 has micro USB charger also along with the small pin. So it charges my phone also as well as my BH-111.

Provides me with that extra 3 hours of juice I need to see off the day. Hoping that the battery will improve with the OS 7.1 but then that’s not the point of this post!

BH-111, why? Well, when I changed phones, I changed the micro sd card also. A very dear friend from Twitter, Richard Dorman (@sheridan01) had sent me a card with some wonderful songs. Since my E72 already had a card which had apps installed, it was difficult for me to make Rich’s card as my main card. I used to insert it only to listen to the music. Now it IS my main card and my only card. BH-111 in the ears, hands on the wheels and music playing softly in the ears.

Keep living. Keep jiving. Be happy!!

I will keep on listening to the tales from these two accessories! 🙂


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