Why this Cynicism

Of late, I have come across lot of negativity on social media. Lot of cynicism. I just couldn’t take it anymore. Just needed to vent it somewhere. Well, I have my own little space on the internet.

It never used to be like this. This negativity, this attitude? You know, I don’t see it as much in the REAL world as this online one. I mean, take this, Satyameva Jayate had so extreme takes on social media. Anna floating a political party? So much cynicism. I see it as the end of the world if I only go by the reactions on Twitter. I don’t see people around me riling it so much. I mean, you should be having a take on something after having a good look at both sides of the story. You don’t need to have a PhD to understand this.

Why are we losing our smiles on internet? Why are we so intent on the negatives? Why can’t we celebrate one bronze at Olympics? Why does it have to be linked to the population of India and laughed off as a miserable performance?

These are just examples. I am happy that I am not a cynic jerk. I still get happy over little things like scoring a goal against my 5 year old! Happy again when I lose to her.

I fret when I lose my Blackberry phone’s holster but I get over it. And I am happy, most of the world is. My TL is dominated by Indian tweeters so I may be biased but this negativity, this cynicism is more in us. I still find my international twitter friends tweeting the same things, happy or sad, as it used to be.

What has happened to us Indians? Well, I am no one to advice. I am not hyper ventilating when a tweep riles or praises NaMo. I have one vote. I will cast it at an appropriate time for someone, I believe, can bring some change. A change that can affect me positively. That’s it. Why the fuss?

The way this cynicism is growing on Twitter, I just hope, it doesn’t affect the affable moods of the people off it. I would wish to preserve that. Would like to save my worries more on the rains, water crisis, crop situation, my traffic situation.

Right now, be happy. A smile costs nothing! 🙂

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About Ashutosh

A family guy who loves phones, music, movies, tea, sweats and gizmos :)
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