Longlive Mom & Pop Stores

Little post. No thought provoking ideas, ok?

We live in a world of malls, mega stores and hypermarkets. India is seeing a retail boom and every colony either has a Reliance Fresh, Big Bazar, DMart, Vishal Megamart, Spar, Star or something of that sort. Heck, even my colony boasts of Thane’s biggest DMart.

Essentially, they say that shopping at these stores save you money. They have the bulk purchase power with the vendors and all. Apparently, I have found out that if I shop at the DMart compared to an Eden Stores, I save 8% on my bill. I don’t shop there. No, I am not doing so because of that management funda of “impulse buying”.

My logic is very simple. I go to stores on a Saturday or a Sunday. These stores are crazy crowded on weekends. I don’t understand the logic of bringing entire family to a store to buy grocery. Seriously people do that!

So shopping for simple products becomes a herculean task for me. Then billing queues are again absurd. Every person ahead of me generally carries a HUGE trolley full of month’s consumption. What I mean to say, if I have to buy a coffee, tea, milk, dal and bread, I would be spending 35 minutes in a DMart which is just across the road for me.

I get only two days to spend with my family. I don’t want to waste them in a store shopping for grocery. Call Eden, give them the list, they home deliver or, visit Eden, full your cart, pay and exit. They will deliver at a time you tell them to.

I am paying 8% extra to earn those 35 minutes with my daughter. Well worth it. Longlive Mom & Pop stores! You know, you’ve a customer.

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2 Responses to Longlive Mom & Pop Stores

  1. jairajp says:

    Wow!! 8% is significant, Never knew it was this much really! But the unnecessary impulse buying will square off that 8% – so you have a point.

    • Ashutosh says:

      It comes out to 8% Jai. That has been my experience but when you add the time cost and impulse buy, it’s not worth it. More than anything else, it’s the long wait at the billing counter which kills it for me. That too for Rice, Flour, Pulses and bread? Nah.

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