What is Independence

Lot of folks on Facebook and Twitter and some even on my BBM are posting this -> 66 years of Independence, are we really independent?

This is a very good sign. It shows that we are evolving as a society. We have got the basic and are looking at the higher hierarchy of independence. The other side of the coin is, this evolved set is hardly 2% of India. Want to debate the percentage? I lose. Take 10%. That leaves 90% fighting for the basic things. Out of this 90%, probably 70% lives in villages. Out of those 70% population living in villages, 50% would be living in absolute desolate conditions. Tribals, villages with no amenities.

Now let’s ask this question again. What is independence? To you and me, it can be getting rid of certain policies of our Government, to ladies in Gurgaon, it can be the freedom to roam around fearlessly past 8 PM, to girls in Ranchi, it can be the freedom to wear jeans pants, to ladies in general, it can be the freedom from rape. To a professional, it can be the freedom from his boss. Are we not diluting the meaning of the word? To those 70%, it can be the freedom from poverty, from malnourished children’s deaths.

To me, the ability to cast my vote, choose my leader, earn my bread anywhere in India, be able to put my daughter in a school of her choice, being able to get self and family treated at any hospital in a God Forbid situation is Independence. Why aren’t we independent? We are, ofcourse.

We may feel constrained. We may get frustrated. But the very fact that we are able to talk about that, the very fact that we can cast our votes and express our feelings for the next governance is Independence. You don’t like Congress, you vote for BJP. You are independent. BJP’s coming to power is not in your hands. Millions of others exercise their independence and the collective majority decides the outcome.

The idea is to summarise every citizen’s definition of independence to a society tangible goal and work towards that.

We are independent. India is independent. The choice is always ours on what we choose.

Happy Independence Day. I am a proud Indian. 🙂

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