The world is going MOBILE, Twitter!

1. Facebook has 900 odd million users and more than 450 million access it through mobiles/smartphones.

2. M-Commerce is seeing a surge like never before in the industry.

3. People are buying more and more stuff online through mobiles and money transactions are happening through mobiles.

4. More and more people are using mobiles to browse web.

5. Streaming services are getting mobile friendly.

6. Office suites are getting mobile friendly.

7. Dear Twitter, the whole point is, being accessible through a mobile. You should rather be encouraging it. If you had so many twitter users having Nokia phones, a lot of credit for that lies with Jan Ole Suhr (Gravity developer). Yes, a THIRD party app developer. The philosophy of making apps to have greater analytic capabilities is fantastic. But why restrict the accessibility to official apps? You are not making any revenue out of that. You have a problem with 3rd Party developers tweaking the way the site is used? Put down greater controls. But let them develop and have some money.

The world is mobile. Encourage more and more development of apps which let people access Twitter. Control with stricter guidelines, not curtail the development altogether.

Just saying.

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