Airtel Smartdrive – Amazing Navigation!

Ok, this is not a review. I wish I could share the screenshots but my Screen Grabber app doesn’t show up only in the map menu.

I had been using a Nokia for the past 10 years till as recently as 3 months back. I had been used to voice navigation on Nokia Maps so much that I took that service for granted.

Since then, I have shifted to a Blackberry. Bold 9790. It used to take care of all my phone related needs save navigation. I still need maps to locate companies within Mumbai. I still need maps to help me navigate through the maze called Fort. I still need maps to find my way through the Mahul road area. The only option was Google Maps as Blackberry Maps do not support India. Google Maps is amazing when it comes to POIs and all but come on, I will admit it. There is no substitute for Voice Navigation when you ARE the person driving the car and you are driving alone.

So has been my 3 months post Nokia. Ofcourse I used to miss Joiku a lot but I do have Mobile Hotspot through OS 7.1. 🙂

Yes, coming back to the point, day day before yesterday, I came to know that Airtel India has launched a map service called SmartDrive.

Once again, I would say that I wish I could share the screenshorts with you. This is very well done. It has places, points of interests, around me, LIVE TRAFFIC FEED and is very very populated. When you switch it on and put your address where you wished to be navigated, the voice navigation turns on and it shows the Arrival time! So far I have found the time is more or less accurate. The arrival time changes if you increase speed or get stuck in traffic.

The best feature for me or the HOOK of this service is, the Red, Yellow and Green lines dot the map. They are for the heavy traffic, moderate traffic and smooth sailing with approx. Car speeds shown.

Ofcourse, this is paid. You pay Rs. 10/day or Rs. 99/month for the voice nav and Rs. 3/day or Rs. 49/month for the live traffic feed.

If you have Android maps with Voice nav, you may not need it, same goes for the Nokias but on my Blackberry, it’s the best thing to happen post my getting the device. 🙂

That’s it.

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3 Responses to Airtel Smartdrive – Amazing Navigation!

  1. suyog says:

    Great, something nice from Operator.
    Being mostly Nokia user I had taken this for granted. I am surprised that BB India hasnt done much to address it.

    • Ashutosh says:

      Exactly my thoughts. Being on Nokia, I had taken Navigation for granted. It was when I got this BB, I realized just how critical maps are to me. BB Maps are not available and it has got nothing to do with BB India.

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