How do you consume news?

Just saw this chart for the newspaper industry in the Business Insider by Henry Blodget. . This is scary but somewhat anticipated, no?

Over the last six years, there has been a radical shift in the way we have been consuming news. Long back, on Twitter, I remember having this discussion with Arun Dasrath ( ) on how people are stopping subscribing to newspaper altogether. However, we in India are still having our daily dose of paper. Well, most of us.

But it’s all digital, all online now. I get most of the happenings on Twitter now. Hell, I knew MUCH BEFORE the launch of iPhone 5, how it would look thanks to leaks on Twitter.

Twitter is a sum of blogs. Over the years, it has evolved to not just have tech blogs. We have all sorts of news coming into our streams. Sports, Lifestyle, Relationships and sex, technology and what not!

How do you consume news? Are you reliant on your morning paper still? Can you just stop the subscription and be comfortable still?

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