Controlling APIs for a viable business.

I really do not understand this hue and cry over Twitter limiting API controls for the 3rd Party app developers.

Agreed, it was built on 3rd party apps. Agreed it owes a lot of its early days success to the 3rd party apps. Agreed that some of the 3rd party apps (Plume, Gravity, Uber Social, Tweetbot) offer much better interface and the UX to users than the official clients. BUT, do not forget, it’s not just the apps which make the users use Twitter. It’s the platform itself. It’s the service itself.

When you have a certain critical mass in your business, you need controls over it to shape the vision and the business strategy to take it to the next level. Running a social media service with 200 odd million active users is no joke. The server costs. The people cost. There a cost to everything and it’s only going north.

You need to have a business model to make money. Whenever I go to my college as a visiting faculty, I always tell my students that the business in not philanthropy. It must have a purpose, it must have a vision. It must be having a FOR PROFIT vision. It must be having a FOR PROFIT purpose otherwise it will die.

Twitter need controls to decide what sorts of apps are being developed. It wants people to experience the true Twitter, the way it is designed, not the way a developer wants the users to experience. You have 140 characters to tweet, you cannot mute an user or a hashtag and so on. I am sure the official apps will up the game the way Facebook iOS 6 app intends to do.

Apps like Klout are what Twitter wants. It helps businesses. Apps like Tweetstats are what Twitter wants. It gives users an overview of what and how they have been using Twitter.

Better controls mean Twitter can find a way to put advertisements in tweets in a way, no 3rd party app can hide that. If there’s an advert, it must be seen to all users irrespective of whether they like it or not, irrespective of whether they are using Twitter from a Blackberry (MY PHONE 🙂 ), iPhone, Android or Windows Phone (Do people use these? 😉 ).

Go ahead Dick Costolo, shape the vision. Have a viable profitable business strategy. I am supporting it because I know, if Twitter makes profits, only then it will be around. I want Twitter to be around because I use it and I love using it.

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