E commerce – Once again

I am rarely blogging now. No excuses. I have just been lazy and honestly, since the daughter is growing up, I simply do not get time to write research based articles anymore. I will keep writing stuff like these, mainly onions, oops, opinions, based on what I have been reading these days. Sitting in BKC, waiting for client, gives me some free time to pass, so why not? So there the background :)!

You will be reading a lot these days on E Commerce and M Commerce. I have been fascinated by these stories too. Just that, I have been fascinated way before it became a fad to be fascinated by them!

India has predominantly been a mom and pop shop country and still is! It’s in our nature. Go to a neighbourhood bhaiya’s shop where he greets us cordially, asks us about our family and proceeds to give us the things that we intended to buy.

Supermarkets came, hypermarkets came and the neighbourhood bhaiyas too started upping the service.

Home deliveries! Yes, that’s the key.

We are a little different when it comes to E commerce. When I say we, I mean, most of us, if none of us, then, me for sure. I hesitate to pay online using Credit Card. In fact, of late, I have totally stopped using my CC. That’s why probably, I will not be buying anything from the AppStore in near future too.

So, the COD (cash on delivery) came in play. It took off one major reason for tech friendly people to visit shops. We often pay once we have the goods in our hands, have a looksee, get a little touchy feely.

E Commerce companies started that.

The second challenge was logistics. It’s infact the only challenge which once, being overcome, can solve the riddle for the masses. How do you deliver? There are two aspects to it. One, the speed and two, the intactness of the packet, goods.

Of course, once you go the COD way, you need to sort out the cash reco with the service provider too.

COD ensured that local, city wide E Commerce started thriving. When I say thriving, I do not mean revenue or profitability or success. I mean, the window of opportunity for people to enter. So much so that there’s a crowd now.

There are 3 routes to solving the logistics challenge, 1. Own 2. Captive Outsourcing 3. Outsourced to a large national player

Am sure, the cash reco will be cracked, it’s the quality and the speed scale ability which holds the key to long term business viability and growth.

Would be fascinating to be fascinated by this till then and now, yes, it’s a fad!


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