9 days with a dumbphone!

When you feel “constrained” by the “limitations” of your smartphone, try living without it for a week.

I use a Blackberry Bold 9790. It had fell down a few days back. On the concrete road. It developed a snag. The volume rockers were not working. I was fine. The lock button was not working. I was fine. But then, it started restarting on its own. Then, I had to give it to the Service Station. They said, it would take 8-10 working days. I was like, ok. But then, I did not get a substitute smartphone and I had to make do with a Samsung dumbphone.

Those 9 days with just names and messages.

Minuses : I found out, the biggest use of the smartphone is passing time. Because that became my biggest challenge. Tea breaks, post lunch breaks without a smartphone are tiresome.

Pluses: battery life! Haha. Charge it once and then forget it for 3 days.

Learnings: All said and done, emails on phone are still the most critical thing for me. The importance of having emails while being mobile is huge, especially for me.

Gratefulness: The only site I would open on my dumbphone was m.timesofindia.com . Thank you. *sob* *sob* There was no micro sd card, no music, sad camera, N.O.T.H.I.N.G

Social Media: I was off Twitter/Facebook/WhatsApp etc for 9 days and there was no withdrawal pangs.

Getting back your phone after a week is crazy. I have set it up back. With bare minimum essential apps. Should be active in a day or two! 🙂


About Ashutosh

A family guy who loves phones, music, movies, tea, sweats and gizmos :)
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