The best To-Do app

Well this post may seem biased to iOS and Android users since I use a Blackberry with just its calendar as the best possible to-do alternative.

Well, it’s just that digital to-dos just doesn’t cut ice with me.

I wasn’t thinking about it but then Mr. Anaggh Desai (@anaggh) tweeted something on pen and paper lists and I realized, I just can’t do without pen and paper lists!

I have no answer to why? Just that a small Bilt Diary (you know, the really small list one?) and the pen.

So how does it work for me?

Well, I split my day into two lists.

1. Personal – This is made at 7 AM. What all I need to do for the day. You know, Groceries, Bill Payments, stuff

2. Office – This is made at 9 AM. All that which needed a follow up, all that which needs to be done today and the pending follow ups for tomorrow.

Other than that, at times, I pull this out to jot down spontaneous things. Numbers, Ideas, references, CEOspeak

It’s simple. It works. For me at least!


About Ashutosh

A family guy who loves phones, music, movies, tea, sweats and gizmos :)
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