How should you treat your sales function

Entrepreneurs always have a chicken and egg situation regarding every functional pillar they need to put in their organizational structure.

Essentially it’s sales and operations for the first year or two. Sales being cost intensive becomes a debate in the conference rooms.

Questions is how much should you invest in sales and when? Do you wait for revenues for ramp up?


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It is essential for every organization to be a sales organization at heart. Whatever you do, excel at that but have a superb sales engine to propel the growth.

When to invest and how much to invest? At what time do you look at ROI?

I always say, sales function is like oil exploration activity. You drill the ground. You drill the ground. You drill the ground. Your competitors are also drilling the ground. The more ground you have with your drill machines, the higher the probability of your hitting the oil.

Choice is yours!


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