The Airtel’s 3X 3G plan is brilliant!

I use Airtel. Don’t judge me, please!

I am on a 950/6GB 3G plan and I just about manage my months with that. My primary usage of 3G and so much data is tethering. Well, I am a sales guy and generally out of office.

My billing cycle is 20th to 19th of every month.

Well, yesterday, while I was taking an afternoon siesta, my daughter went on a Doraemon YouTube spree on my phone and brought me to the brink!

I really can’t go back to edge for Internet now. Well, who has that much patience now? I went to an Airtel Centre and I enquired if there was anyway, through which the situation could be salvaged. There I came to know about the 3X 3G plan.

Simply put, you can have 3 times the 3G data plan you have opted for, of course, at a price. So how does that work?

My plan is 950/6GB which comes to around 158 bucks/GB. If I exhaust my data within my billing period, I will get upto 12 GB extra 3G data at 158/GB.

This is brilliant. So for months, where I exceed my data, I do not have to wait for the cycle to get over for FUP to switch off and 3G to switch on.

It keeps me online and lets me do my work from out and about. In my case, being out and about matters more than 158/GB because, by being out, my chances of closing a deal go up. I have a better crack at that bonus, you see!

It gives the freedom to people who need data and it gives revenue to the mobile company.

Think, that’s the way forward with the data. It will help, if the 3G speeds move up a bit, is a different discussion altogether!


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A family guy who loves phones, music, movies, tea, sweats and gizmos :)
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