Things to remember – Evernote

I went Premium on Evernote on 3rd September and till now, I am happy with my decision.

Since most of the stuff I save there are either official or personal, I can’t share as to how exactly it has become a critical go to app for me.

Today, I found a random use case that I can share!

I am off to my hometown after 2 long years in October and there are lot things that we need to take. So I have created a notebook for that trip.


Under that, various notes are coming up! The first one is a list of activities my daughter intends to do there. The second one is a photo note of things we need to pack and to remember, where exactly have I stored them.


So when I start my packing in about a month, I will know that these two things are here and are due for packing.



Oh, and otherwise? As I said, I am happy, I went Premium! Two reasons, offline notes, massive space.


About Ashutosh

A family guy who loves phones, music, movies, tea, sweats and gizmos :)
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