Would you pay to tweet?

Back in the symbian S60 days in 2009, I had purchased apps left, right and centre and would have paid around $300 on various apps. Well, I had paid for a twitter client too! Gravity ($10).

Then I made a deal with myself. What all apps I will pay for?
1.) Should contribute to my professional growth
2.) Should add significant value to camera and camera related features (they create memories, family memories)
3.) Should make me learn something

You see, Twitter does not fit in up there. There are lot of free apps available to you, including a very capable official app.

So what happened? Well, I paid 301 bucks and bought Plume. Did it tick any of my check lists? No. Was there no alternative to tweet? There were many.

Exactly, not everything is within rules. I tweet. And in close to 6 years, I have sent 81700+ tweets. When you use a  service more than often, you need the function married with UI/UX. Experience matters. I paid for aesthetics. You need things that look beautiful and work flawless.

When you buy apps, you don’t buy apps. You buy experience.

So a list of my paid apps/service and whether they tick the checklist:

1. Evernote ( Professional tick)
2. SwiftKey ( Professional tick)
3. Camera Fx Premium ( Family tick)
4. Zinio ( Learn tick) well, not the app technically but Time, Forbes, Inc subscriptions
5. Lapse It Pro ( Family tick)
6. 1 password ( Professional tick)
7. My Backup Pro ( Professional tick)
8. Plume ( Exception)

But still, Plume does not hold the candle to Tweetbot.

That being said, if there’s no app to use Facebook but only the paid ones, will I buy that? Hmm, so what’s your story?


About Ashutosh

A family guy who loves phones, music, movies, tea, sweats and gizmos :)
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