Getting Organized

I have been all over professionally these past few months. When I say all over, I don’t mean travel!

Well, my organization is currently at a crucial juncture of its evolution. We are in a fluid state. Which, while is very exciting, can be very taxing. It means everyone who is in some sort of a responsible position has to wear many hats. Everyone has to hold multiple threads. (For example – sales itself has multiple threads. Prospects are one thread. Sales calls are another. Finalizing sales CRM can be one)

So I am currently holding some threads. As I mentioned, the organization is in a fluid state and things are changing fast.

It so happens some days, that I start doing one thing, the mandate comes to do something else and I end up finishing none. I miss out on threads often because of wearing multiple hats. (by the way, I am using wordpress app on my mobile for this post and swiping on SwiftKey keyboard is amazing but I digress)

3 weeks back, I had a self introspection. I really wanted to know if I am getting more on my plate than I can chew, if I am lacking the maturity and the bandwidth required to do justice to my role?

I realised the bandwidth, the maturity is all about HOW to do and not about HOW MUCH.

Simply put, I have not been very organized and this is all about how I have been trying to organize stuff in the past few weeks.

I started seeking help. From articles, books, people.

Here it goes.

1. The Bullet Journal way of creating tasks : I have tried multiple apps. So many that it’s not funny also. image13236-01Somehow, I was not able to MANAGE and get things done. Of course, I am not blaming the apps here, please. I am saying that I perhaps did not know to use them effectively. Wunderlist, Color Notes are still on my phone but I have started using pen and paper with the bullet journal methods to write and manage. This method requires you to make a monthly macro to do list and then breaking them down into daily to do lists.

I, for my purpose, have got a seven point formula now. 7 macro things for the month broken down into seven daily to dos for the day. I am trying to stick to seven. If something else comes up in between, I try to push it to the next day. Finish first, what’s on agenda for the day. Earn that day’s salary.

You can use anything to organize your day and activity. The key thing is being DISCIPLINED!!




2. There was this article in Forbes about eleven habits highly productive people have. I have imbibed two of them.

A) Eat the frog for the breakfast : Finish the least exciting, most boring yet important task FIRST. Because you will have the least attention span for those sort of tasks, it’s better to take them Head on and strike off your list. This has been immensely beneficial.


B) Never touch a thing twice : Another gem. If you have started one task, finish it off. So NOT leave it to take something else and come back to that. Once you start postponing, it gets postponed.

3. Follow one hobby : I have restarted reading. Doing something, what you love, once a day for whatever time you’re comfortable with re-energizes you. Seriously. I read. From a John Grisham to a 20150523_085627 Lee Child, from a Kenneth Blanchard to a Jack Trout. It makes me happy. Can’t tell you just how wonderfully it shapes you up for the day or the next day!






4. There’s nothing called a work – life balance : Yes, there I said it. Both go together. Merge family chores in your to do. My Seven points of the month and seven points of the day have both. There’s no separate listing. One list. Get it done.

I am still far from where I need to be but I have started taking those steps.


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