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Phones and the Battery Life gripe

What do you see? You see a phone with about 37% charge and enough juice to take me through till 9 PM. After all, I have experienced it for the past 10 days or so. Now. Notice this. The phone’s … Continue reading

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Getting Organized

I have been all over professionally these past few months. When I say all over, I don’t mean travel! Well, my organization is currently at a crucial juncture of its evolution. We are in a fluid state. Which, while is … Continue reading

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Books & Pens!

The name itself is Phonesnmore. Uff! Wow! 27th October 2014… Yes, that’s the date I last published something on my blog. Oh, and that too, on social media? When I started working in the early 2000s, I used to carry … Continue reading

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Would you pay to tweet?

Back in the symbian S60 days in 2009, I had purchased apps left, right and centre and would have paid around $300 on various apps. Well, I had paid for a twitter client too! Gravity ($10). Then I made a … Continue reading

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Automakers and their last watershed models in India

I was just wondering what cars have defined the fortunes of their makers. When I say the last, I do not mean the iterations of that, I mean that car. Let’s create this list 1. Maruti Suzuki – Swift 2. … Continue reading

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What are the “one tap” apps on your home screen?

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You are only one of two! Sorry for being a lazy bum and directly posting a note as a post. Sigh!

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Twitter Analytics – vain or gain

I got introduced to a month or so back. While it make sense for the businesses is no brainer, does it make sense for individual users, had me intrigued. I have been tracking it everyday for the past 30+ … Continue reading

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Happiness is

Happiness is NOT having an expensive phone Happiness is being able to do things with your phone, you want to do Happiness is NOT owning a big sedan Happiness is going on a random drive with your loved one Happiness … Continue reading

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Things to remember – Evernote

I went Premium on Evernote on 3rd September and till now, I am happy with my decision. Since most of the stuff I save there are either official or personal, I can’t share as to how exactly it has become … Continue reading

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