Would you pay to tweet?

Back in the symbian S60 days in 2009, I had purchased apps left, right and centre and would have paid around $300 on various apps. Well, I had paid for a twitter client too! Gravity ($10).

Then I made a deal with myself. What all apps I will pay for?
1.) Should contribute to my professional growth
2.) Should add significant value to camera and camera related features (they create memories, family memories)
3.) Should make me learn something

You see, Twitter does not fit in up there. There are lot of free apps available to you, including a very capable official app.

So what happened? Well, I paid 301 bucks and bought Plume. Did it tick any of my check lists? No. Was there no alternative to tweet? There were many.

Exactly, not everything is within rules. I tweet. And in close to 6 years, I have sent 81700+ tweets. When you use a  service more than often, you need the function married with UI/UX. Experience matters. I paid for aesthetics. You need things that look beautiful and work flawless.

When you buy apps, you don’t buy apps. You buy experience.

So a list of my paid apps/service and whether they tick the checklist:

1. Evernote ( Professional tick)
2. SwiftKey ( Professional tick)
3. Camera Fx Premium ( Family tick)
4. Zinio ( Learn tick) well, not the app technically but Time, Forbes, Inc subscriptions
5. Lapse It Pro ( Family tick)
6. 1 password ( Professional tick)
7. My Backup Pro ( Professional tick)
8. Plume ( Exception)

But still, Plume does not hold the candle to Tweetbot.

That being said, if there’s no app to use Facebook but only the paid ones, will I buy that? Hmm, so what’s your story?

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Automakers and their last watershed models in India

I was just wondering what cars have defined the fortunes of their makers. When I say the last, I do not mean the iterations of that, I mean that car. Let’s create this list

1. Maruti Suzuki – Swift
2. Hyundai Motors – i10
3. Honda Motors – City
4. Toyota – Innova
5. Mahindra and Mahindra – Scorpio
6. Tata Motors – Indica
7. Ford – Figo
8. Fiat – Punto
9. Renault – Duster
10. Skoda – Octavia
11. BMW – 3 series
12. Mercedes – E class
13. Audi – Q series
14. Nissan – Not yet launched
15. Volkswagen – Vento
16. Mitsubishi – Lancer

Was just wondering which one is most disruptive and which one is most innovative.

Would love to know what you think of it!

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What are the “one tap” apps on your home screen?


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You are only one of two!


Sorry for being a lazy bum and directly posting a note as a post. Sigh!

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Twitter Analytics – vain or gain

I got introduced to analytics.twitter.com a month or so back. While it make sense for the businesses is no brainer, does it make sense for individual users, had me intrigued.

I have been tracking it everyday for the past 30+ days. Yes, everyday.

Some observations.



This statistics is basically your dashboard of the impressions your tweets create. Does not mean much if you are tweeting mundane things (what I do most of the times!) but ofcourse, if you have a serious message, you would want to maximise your impressions. Whether your tweet is making that impression or you need to alter the way your message should be spread. However, for majority of the individual users not running a business or a blog, this dashboard is a vain thing.



Another basic stuff. Most of the time, we bother about how many retweets do we get. Only 1, only 10? Mummy! :twisted:
That’s basically bull-crap. What you should be bothering about is the green oval and not the red one. The green one, aka the engagement ratio is basically the crux of the matter. How many times people engage with your impressions tells you, whether people are finding your tweets worthwhile or not. It’s everything. It needs to go up to engage meaningfully with your audience.

Don’t give me that line of “I tweet for myself.” Go, write a diary in that case. ☺



Another important thing to check is, whether your impressions result into engagements. Having an impression of 200 with 3 engagements or having an impression of 50 with 10 engagements. Your call. Analyse your tweets, track and make your call.

Basically all this makes sense to a blogger, business or an enterprise but remember, there are people following you and your tweets go in their timeline.
You have a duty to ensure, you are  on filling their timeline with junk, waste or filth. Be interesting. Always :)

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Happiness is

Happiness is NOT having an expensive phone
Happiness is being able to do things with your phone, you want to do

Happiness is NOT owning a big sedan
Happiness is going on a random drive with your loved one

Happiness is NOT having the membership of the most exclusive club
Happiness is taking a leisurely stroll in the park with your dog

Happiness is NOT owning a bungalow
Happiness is coming home to a waiting wife and daughter

Happiness is NOT living in Bandra, Worli or Town
Happiness is having good caring neighbours

Happiness is NOT being a CEO
Happiness is earning your bread by living your dream

Life gives you one shot
Live your dream
Make your passion pay your rent

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Things to remember – Evernote

I went Premium on Evernote on 3rd September and till now, I am happy with my decision.

Since most of the stuff I save there are either official or personal, I can’t share as to how exactly it has become a critical go to app for me.

Today, I found a random use case that I can share!

I am off to my hometown after 2 long years in October and there are lot things that we need to take. So I have created a notebook for that trip.


Under that, various notes are coming up! The first one is a list of activities my daughter intends to do there. The second one is a photo note of things we need to pack and to remember, where exactly have I stored them.


So when I start my packing in about a month, I will know that these two things are here and are due for packing.



Oh, and otherwise? As I said, I am happy, I went Premium! Two reasons, offline notes, massive space.

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I went Premium on Evernote

You don’t know me well. There are very few services or apps on which I would spend my money.


I just spent Rs. 2360 for an year on Evernote.
You need to be convinced about a service or a product or an app and need to find a definitive and long term use case before you put your money in it.
I am a working professional and I handle sales in the organization I work for. There are office meetings and client meetings and Alliance partners meetings and some more meetings and then, some more meetings. There are many services that I sell.
I capture all that in a notebook (a physical old school notebook). I realized that my capturing the data is perfect. Going BACK to the data is not. How do you create a history of conversations of meetings which is readily available? Notebooks change. Diaries change. One way is putting everything in your company’s CRM. That becomes the company data. Does not help me when I am out there in the field or when I sit with my CEO. How do I recall what all I discussed with him 2-3 weeks back?
Evernote is helping me in digitizing my physical notebook in an organized manner. Just take a photo, put it in the respective digital Evernote notebook and you are sorted.
Need to go Premium arose when I realized that there’s a limit to MBs you can upload. I have two notebooks in my Evernote. Office and Personal.
For the sake of data confidentiality, I cannot share a single screenshot with you guys.
But yes, I got convinced and yes, I went Premium and yes, this one’s for keeps!

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Push to Kindle


There, I have set the context. I had an Eureka moment.

You often come across articles on Web which are worth reading more than once. The option is to save it in Pocket.

I do that but only for “Read it Later” purpose. But I “read” on Kindle. I am into Kindle big time. If something is in my Kindle, I will read it and read it well to have some takeaways.

So it so happened, that I was reading an article on Inc.com. The Beatsbydre story. I needed to read that in leisure. I was able to send it to my Kindle. It’s less than a minute thing.

You all might be knowing it all along but for me, Eureka!


Open the article on Web. (by the way, this too is worth a good read)


Go to print.


Change the printer! (Voila!)


A PDF attachment sent to your kindle id comes as a book!


Open Kindle app on your phone there and then!




The article as a book!


Now read, not to read but to learn! :D

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How should you treat your sales function

Entrepreneurs always have a chicken and egg situation regarding every functional pillar they need to put in their organizational structure.

Essentially it’s sales and operations for the first year or two. Sales being cost intensive becomes a debate in the conference rooms.

Questions is how much should you invest in sales and when? Do you wait for revenues for ramp up?


(Flickr image: m.flickr.com/#/photos/idreaminir/more/)

It is essential for every organization to be a sales organization at heart. Whatever you do, excel at that but have a superb sales engine to propel the growth.

When to invest and how much to invest? At what time do you look at ROI?

I always say, sales function is like oil exploration activity. You drill the ground. You drill the ground. You drill the ground. Your competitors are also drilling the ground. The more ground you have with your drill machines, the higher the probability of your hitting the oil.

Choice is yours!

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