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I Removed WhatsApp

Those who have followed me a little closer than others on the social networks would know that I have been a pretty vocal proponent of WhatsApp. Infact it used to be the first shortcut on my phone’s homescreen! I have … Continue reading

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The Pink Mist

The Pink Mist ”Don’t vote for Congress”. Roared Anna Hazare. That’s where he lost the plot. I know, I had promised not to post any political news on my blog, but bear with me, it’s not politics that I am … Continue reading

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Bye Bye, the Cult, Christened Steve.

Goodbye Steve I have nothing to say. I have never used Apple products and cannot comment on Steve Jobs for the technological brilliance. The phones always remained just a little out of my reach in each of their iteration. I … Continue reading

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What do I do…….on Twitter?

What do I do……..on Twitter? Well, before you go, what, just for the sake of a post, not again, etc etc etc on this topic, let me tell you, there’s a reason for writing this post! Twitter has users in … Continue reading

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